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امریکی پیانو ساز : Amreki Piano Saz Meaning in English


Amreki Piano Saz in Detail

1) امریکی پیانو ساز : Heinrich Engelhard Steinway Henry Engelhard Steinway Henry Steinway Steinway : (noun) United States piano maker (born in Germany) who founded a famous piano manufacturing firm in New York (1797-1871).

Useful Words

پیدا شدہ : Born : brought into existence. "He was a child born of adultery".

وفادار : Fast : unwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause. "Ali got the bullet that came towards sameer because he is a firm childhood friend of Sameer".

بر اعظم یورپ کا ایک ملک : Deutschland : a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990. "Germany is the European country".

کوئی بنانے والا : Maker : a person who makes things.

بنانے کا عمل : Fabrication : the act of making something (a product) from raw materials. "The synthesis and fabrication of single crystals".

ابھی : Fresh : very recently. "That newly wed couple looks so stunning".

ایک آلہ موسیقی : Forte-Piano : a keyboard instrument that is played by depressing keys that cause hammers to strike tuned strings and produce sounds.

حالت : State : the way something is with respect to its main attributes. "Overthinking ruined his mental state".

متحدہ : United : characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity. "Presented a united front".

انگریز شاہی خاندان : House Of York : the English royal house (a branch of the Plantagenet line) that reigned from 1461 to 1485; its emblem was a white rose.

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