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امریکی صنعتکار : Amreki Sanatkaar Meaning in English


Amreki Sanatkaar in Detail

1 of 2) امریکی صنعتکار : Heinz Henry John Heinz : (noun) United States industrialist who manufactured and sold processed foods (1844-1919).

2 of 2) امریکی صنعتکار : Howard Hughes Howard Robard Hughes Hughes : (noun) United States industrialist who was an aviator and a film producer; during the last years of his life he was a total recluse (1905-1976).

Useful Words

امریکی صنعت کار : Hoover , وہ جگہ جہاں مچھلی پکڑی اور فروخت کی جاتی ہے : Fishery , این تھونی کوم اسٹاک : Anthony Comstock , نچلے درجے کا لیفٹیننٹ : Lieutenant Jg , امریکی فضائی کمان : Afspc , امریکی ماہر فلکیات : David Rittenhouse , ٹینس کا کھلاڑی ایش : Arthur Ashe , بل گیٹس : Bill Gates , امریکی فضائیہ : Air Force , امریکی وکیل ولیم ہے : Hays , امریکی راکٹ انجینئر : Braun , یوم الحاق : Admission Day , ارکانساس امریکی ریاست : Ar , ارب : 1000000000000 , پیلیکن امریکہ کے جنوب میں واقع امریکی ریاست : La , امریکی ریاست الاابامہ : Al , امریکی ریاست : Everglade State , امریکی نیشنل گارڈ : Home Reserve , بین ریاستی : Interstate , گاڑی کا کارخانہ : Auto Factory , روشنی اور حرارت دینے والی گیس تیار کرنے کا کار خانہ : Gasworks , خام : Raw , کچا : Crude , عدالت عالیہ : High Court , ضبط معیار : Quality Control , کچا : Natural , ارگٹ سے حاصل شدہ قلمی مرکب : Lsd , قدیم جرمن سلطنت : Hohenzollern Empire , بقایا : Backlog , فرائی پان : Frying Pan , خاص غذا : Diet

Useful Words Definitions

Hoover: United States industrialist who manufactured vacuum cleaners (1849-1932).

Fishery: a workplace where fish are caught and processed and sold.

Anthony Comstock: United States reformer who led moral crusades against art and literature that he considered obscene (1844-1915).

Lieutenant Jg: an officer holding a commissioned rank in the United States Navy or United States Coast Guard; below lieutenant and above ensign.

Afspc: a command of the United States Air Force that is responsible for defending the United States through its space and intercontinental ballistic missile operations.

David Rittenhouse: United States astronomer said to have built the first telescope made in America; also the first director of the United States Mint (1732-1796).

Arthur Ashe: United States tennis player who was the first Black to win United States and English singles championships (1943-1993).

Bill Gates: United States computer entrepreneur whose software company made him the youngest multi-billionaire in the history of the United States (born in 1955).

Air Force: the airforce of the United States of America; the agency that defends the United States through control and exploitation of air and space.

Hays: United States lawyer and politician who formulated a production code that prescribed the moral content of United States films from 1930 to 1966 (1879-1954).

Braun: United States rocket engineer (born in Germany where he designed a missile used against England); he led the United States Army team that put the first American satellite into space (1912-1977).

Admission Day: in some states of the United States: a legal holiday commemorating the day the state was admitted to the Union.

Ar: a state in south central United States; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

1000000000000: the number that is represented as a one followed by 12 zeros; in the United Kingdom the usage followed in the United States is frequently seen.

La: a state in southern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

Al: a state in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

Everglade State: a state in southeastern United States between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

Home Reserve: United States military reserves recruited by the states and equipped by the federal government; subject to call by either.

Interstate: involving and relating to the mutual relations of states especially of the United States.

Auto Factory: a factory where automobiles are manufactured.

Gasworks: the workplace where coal gas is manufactured.

Raw: not processed or refined.

Crude: not refined or processed.

High Court: the highest court in most states of the United States.

Quality Control: maintenance of standards of quality of manufactured goods.

Natural: (used especially of commodities) being unprocessed or manufactured using only simple or minimal processes.

Lsd: a powerful hallucinogenic drug manufactured from lysergic acid.

Hohenzollern Empire: the Reich when Hohenzollern monarchs ruled Germany (from 1871 to 1919).

Backlog: an accumulation of jobs not done or materials not processed that are yet to be dealt with (especially unfilled customer orders for products or services).

Frying Pan: a pan used for frying foods.

Diet: a prescribed selection of foods.

Related Words

ہوا نورد : Aeronaut , صنعت کار : Industrialist

Close Words

امریکی پہلوان : John Cena , امریکی اداکار : Heming , امریکی گلوکار : Hank Williams , امریکی اخبار نویس : Hearst , امریکی فضائی تجربہ گاہ : Afrl , امریکی دفاعی مرکز : Ahpcrc , امریکی ماہر نفسیات : Horney , امریکی مچھلی : Flathead Catfish , امریکی پیانو ساز : Heinrich Engelhard Steinway , امریکی مکے باز : Dempsey , امریکی ماہر تعمیرات : Buckminster Fuller

Close Words Definitions

John Cena: an American professional wrestler.

Heming: English actor who edited the first folio of Shakespeare`s plays (1556-1630).

Hank Williams: United States country singer and songwriter (1923-1953).

Hearst: United States newspaper publisher whose introduction of large headlines and sensational reporting changed American journalism (1863-1951).

Afrl: a United States Air Force defense laboratory responsible for discovering and developing and integrating fighting technologies for aerospace forces.

Ahpcrc: a United States defense laboratory to conduct research in high-performance computing for defense technology applications; a partnership of government and university and industry.

Horney: United States psychiatrist (1885-1952).

Flathead Catfish: large catfish of central United States having a flattened head and projecting jaw.

Heinrich Engelhard Steinway: United States piano maker (born in Germany) who founded a famous piano manufacturing firm in New York (1797-1871).

Dempsey: United States prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion (1895-1983).

Buckminster Fuller: United States architect who invented the geodesic dome (1895-1983).

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