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امریکی عمارتی لکڑی : Amriki Imarati Lakri Meaning in English

Amriki Imarati Lakri in Detail

1) امریکی عمارتی لکڑی : Conacaste Elephant's Ear Enterolobium Cyclocarpa : (noun) tropical South American tree having a wide-spreading crown of bipinnate leaves and coiled ear-shaped fruits; grown for shade and ornament as well as valuable timber.


Useful Words

عمارتی لکڑی کا درخت : Timber Tree , درخت نما : Arboreal , لپٹا : Coiled , قیمتی : Valuable , سجاوٹ کی چیز : Decoration , قیمتی : Valuable , سجانا : Adorn , کارساز کمپنی کا نشان : Hood Ornament , نیلے بیر کا درخت : Holly-Leaves Barberry , بالغ : Adult , لکیر کا فقیر : Fogyish , بھوت : Ghost , کھڑکی کا پردہ : Window Shade , پھیلاو : Spread , پوست جیسا امریکی پودا : Apocynum Androsaemifolium , گرم خطے کا : Tropic , عمارتی لکڑی : Lumber , گرم پانی کا جھنگا : Tropical Prawn , خط شجر : Timber Line , پھندا : Timber Hitch , کٹھ بھیڑیا : Canis Lupus , پہوڑا : Aleppo Boil , وسیع و عریض : Broad , عالمگیر : Global , چوکس : Heads-Up , مختلف : Varied , عالمی وسعت : World-Wide , پورا کھلا ہوا : Wide-Open , دنیا جہاں کا : Cosmopolitan , معصومیت : Childlike , دنیا بھر میں پھیلا کمپیوٹر اور انٹرنیٹ کا جال : Web

Useful Words Definitions

Timber Tree: any tree that is valued as a source of lumber or timber.

Arboreal: resembling a tree in form and branching structure.

Coiled: curled or wound (especially in concentric rings or spirals).

Valuable: having worth or merit or value.

Decoration: something used to beautify.

Valuable: having great material or monetary value especially for use or exchange.

Adorn: make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc..

Hood Ornament: an ornament on the front of the hood of a car emblematic of the manufacturer.

Holly-Leaves Barberry: ornamental evergreen shrub of Pacific coast of North America having dark green pinnate leaves and racemes of yellow flowers followed by blue-black berries.

Adult: (of animals) fully developed.

Fogyish: (used pejoratively) out of fashion; old fashioned.

Ghost: a mental representation of some haunting experience.

Window Shade: an opaque window blind that can cover or uncover a window.

Spread: process or result of distributing or extending over a wide expanse of space.

Apocynum Androsaemifolium: North American perennial having pinkish flowers in loose cymes; used in folk medicine for pain or inflammation in joints.

Tropic: relating to or situated in or characteristic of the tropics (the region on either side of the equator).

Lumber: the wood of trees cut and prepared for use as building material.

Tropical Prawn: edible tropical and warm-water prawn.

Timber Line: line marking the upper limit of tree growth in mountains or northern latitudes.

Timber Hitch: a hitch used to secure a rope to a log or spar; often supplemented by a half hitch.

Canis Lupus: a wolf with a brindled grey coat living in forested northern regions of North America.

Aleppo Boil: leishmaniasis of the skin; characterized by ulcerative skin lesions.

Broad: very large in expanse or scope.

Global: involving the entire earth; not limited or provincial in scope.

Heads-Up: fully alert and watchful.

Varied: widely different.

World-Wide: spanning or extending throughout the entire world.

Wide-Open: open wide.

Cosmopolitan: of worldwide scope or applicability.

Childlike: exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity.

Web: computer network consisting of a collection of internet sites that offer text and graphics and sound and animation resources through the hypertext transfer protocol.

Related Words

شجر : Tree

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