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Ananas   Meaning in Urdu

1. Ananas - Pineapple : انناس : (noun) large sweet fleshy tropical fruit with a terminal tuft of stiff leaves; widely cultivated.

Useful Words

Cultivated : کاشت کردہ : (of land or fields) prepared for raising crops by plowing or fertilizing. "Cultivated land"

Fleshy - Heavy - Overweight : وزنی شخص : usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it.

Fruit : پھل : the ripened reproductive body of a seed plant. "No root, no fruit"

Big - Large : وسیع : above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent. "I don`t have such a big job"

Foliage - Leaf - Leafage : پتا : the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants. "The leaves are falling down"

Stiff : عام سا آدمی : an ordinary man. "A lucky stiff"

Afters - Dessert - Sweet : میٹھی ڈیش : a dish served as the last course of a meal. "Please have sweet"

Depot - Terminal - Terminus : گودام : station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods.

Tropic - Tropical : گرم خطے کا : relating to or situated in or characteristic of the tropics (the region on either side of the equator). "Tropical islands"

Tuft - Tussock : گچھا : a bunch of hair or feathers or growing grass.

Widely : وسیع دائرے میں : to a great degree. "Her work is widely known"

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