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1) Anas Acuta, Pin-Tailed Duck, Pintail : شمالی امریکی دلدل کی ایک مرغابی جو پانی کی سطح سے خوراک حاصل کرتی ہے : (noun) long-necked river duck of the Old and New Worlds having elongated central tail feathers.


Useful Words

Lyrebird : ایک قسم کا پرندہ , Duckling : بطخ کا چوزہ , Quack : قائیں قائیں , Drake : نر مرغابی , Macaw : ماکاو , Anas Clypeata : چپٹی چونچ والی بطخ , Aix Sponsa : شمالی امریکہ میں پائی جانے والی بطخ جو کہوکھلے درخت میں گھونسلا بناتی ہے , Anas Platyrhynchos : جنگلی بطخ , Hooded Merganser : امریکی بطخ , Fish Duck : مچھلیاں کھانے والی بطخ , Teal : مرغابی , Shoofly : بچے کا جہولا , Eyra : امریکہ کی جنگلی بلی , Scooter : بڑی کالی بطخ , Flight Feather : کسی چڑیا کے بازو کا اختتامی حصہ , Crane : سارس , Titi : چھوٹا بندر , Ateles Geoffroyi : پتلے لمبے نازک بندر , Goose : لمبی گردن والا ایک قسم کا پرندہ , Guenon : چھوٹا افریقی بندر , Langur : لنگور , Monkey : بندر , Parakeet : چھوٹے لمبی دم والے طوطے , Rat : گھوس , Pheasant : چکور , Magpie : ایک قسم کا پرندہ , Mimus Polyglotktos : ایک قسم کا گانے والا پرندہ , Cos : سلاد کی ایک قسم , Actias Luna : امریکی مدھ , Giant Armadillo : تین فٹ لمبی دم , Aigret : پرندے کا پر

Useful Words Definitions

Lyrebird: Australian bird that resembles a pheasant; the courting male displays long tail feathers in a lyre shape.

Duckling: young duck.

Quack: the harsh sound of a duck.

Drake: adult male of a wild or domestic duck.

Macaw: long-tailed brilliantly colored parrot of Central America and South America; among the largest and showiest of parrots.

Anas Clypeata: freshwater duck of the northern hemisphere having a broad flat bill.

Aix Sponsa: showy North American duck that nests in hollow trees.

Anas Platyrhynchos: wild dabbling duck from which domestic ducks are descended; widely distributed.

Hooded Merganser: small North American duck with a high circular crest on the male`s head.

Fish Duck: large crested fish-eating diving duck having a slender hooked bill with serrated edges.

Teal: any of various small short-necked dabbling river ducks of Europe and America.

Shoofly: a child's rocking chair with the seat built between two flat sides that are shaped to resemble an animal (such as a swan or duck).

Eyra: long-bodied long-tailed tropical American wildcat.

Scooter: large black diving duck of northern parts of the northern hemisphere.

Flight Feather: any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird.

Crane: large long-necked wading bird of marshes and plains in many parts of the world.

Titi: small South American monkeys with long beautiful fur and long nonprehensile tail.

Ateles Geoffroyi: arboreal monkey of tropical America with long slender legs and long prehensile tail.

Goose: web-footed long-necked typically gregarious migratory aquatic birds usually larger and less aquatic than ducks.

Guenon: small slender African monkey having long hind limbs and tail and long hair around the face.

Langur: slender long-tailed monkey of Asia.

Monkey: any of various long-tailed primates (excluding the prosimians).

Parakeet: any of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots.

Rat: any of various long-tailed rodents similar to but larger than a mouse.

Pheasant: large long-tailed gallinaceous bird native to the Old World but introduced elsewhere.

Magpie: long-tailed black-and-white crow that utters a raucous chattering call.

Mimus Polyglotktos: long-tailed grey-and-white songbird of the southern United States able to mimic songs of other birds.

Cos: lettuce with long dark-green leaves in a loosely packed elongated head.

Actias Luna: large pale-green American moth with long-tailed hind wings and a yellow crescent-shaped mark on each forewing.

Giant Armadillo: about three feet long exclusive of tail.

Aigret: a long plume (especially one of egret feathers) worn on a hat or a piece of jewelry in the shape of a plume.

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Duck : مرغابی

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