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Anchor   Meaning in Urdu

1. Anchor - Ground Tackle : لنگر : (noun) a mechanical device that prevents a vessel from moving.

Grapnel, Grapnel Anchor - a light anchor for small boats.

2. Anchor - Ground : مضبوط کرنا - فکس کرنا : (verb) fix firmly and stably.

Anchor the lamppost in concrete.

Fasten, Fix, Secure - cause to be firmly attached.

3. Anchor - Backbone - Keystone - Linchpin - Lynchpin - Mainstay : تکیہ - ریڑھ کی ہڈی : (noun) a central cohesive source of support and stability.

Faith is his anchor.

4. Anchor - Anchorman - Anchorperson : رابطہ کار : (noun) a television reporter who coordinates a broadcast to which several correspondents contribute.

Anchor in Book Titles

The Anchor War.
The Kedge Anchor; or, Young Sailors` Assistant.
Project Management Anchor the Success.
Averil, My Anchor.

Useful Words

Device : آلہ : an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose. "The device is small enough to wear on your wrist"

Firm - Firmly - Steadfastly - Unwaveringly : سختی سے : with resolute determination. "We firmly believed it"

Bushel - Doctor - Fix - Furbish Up - Mend - Repair - Restore - Touch On : ٹھیک کرنا : restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken. "Mend your ways"

Mechanical : مشینری : using (or as if using) mechanisms or tools or devices. "A mechanical process"

Moving : حرکت پذیر : in motion. "A constantly moving crowd"

Forbid - Foreclose - Forestall - Preclude - Prevent : روکنا : keep from happening or arising; make impossible. "How to prevent him ?"

Vas - Vessel : نالی : a tube in which a body fluid circulates.

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