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1. Anosmia : سونگھنے کی حس کا نہ ہونا : (Noun) Absence of the sense of smell (as by damage to olfactory nasal tissue or the olfactory nerve or by obstruction of the nasal passages).

Absence - غیر حاضری - failure to be present.

Damage, Harm, Hurt, Scathe - چوٹ پہنچانا - the act of damaging something or someone.

Nasal, Nasal Consonant - ناک سے نکلنے والی آواز - a consonant produced through the nose with the mouth closed.

Boldness, Brass, Cheek, Face, Nerve - گستاخی - impudent aggressiveness; "There is a limit for boldness".

Obstruction - روکنے کا عمل - the act of obstructing; "obstruction of justice".

Olfactive, Olfactory - سونگھنے سے متعلق - of or relating to olfaction.

Passage, Transition - نقل مکانی - the act of passing from one state or place to the next.

Common Sense, Good Sense, Gumption, Horse Sense, Mother Wit, Sense - سمجھ - sound practical judgment; "Come to your senses".

Olfaction, Olfactory Modality, Sense Of Smell, Smell - سونگھنے کا عمل - the faculty that enables us to distinguish scents.

Tissue - نسیج - part of an organism consisting of an aggregate of cells having a similar structure and function.

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