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1 پودوں میں نر ولدیتی خلیہ Poudoun Men Nar Waldiyati Khulia : Spermatozoid Antherozoid : (noun) a motile male gamete of a plant such as an alga or fern or gymnosperm.

Useful Words

Alga Algae : رنگ برنگی سمندری حیات Rang Barangi Samundari Hayat : primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems and roots and leaves.

Fern : بے پھول کا بڑے پتوں والا پودا Be Phool Ka Baray Patoun Wala Powda : any of numerous flowerless and seedless vascular plants having true roots from a rhizome and fronds that uncurl upward; reproduce by spores. "Fern plant"

Male : نر Nar : an animal that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that can fertilize female gametes (ova).

Motile : حرکت کرنے کے قابل Harkat Karnay Kay Qabil : (of spores or microorganisms) capable of movement.

Plant Set : پودا لگانا Powda Lagana : put or set (seeds, seedlings, or plants) into the ground. "I have planted this plant"

Such : انتہائی Intehai : to so extreme a degree. "He is such a baby"

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