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Anti-Impotence Drug meaning in Urdu

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Anti-Impotence Drug Definitions

1) Anti-Impotence Drug, Virility Drug : مردانگی کی دوا : (noun) drug to treat impotence attributable to erectile dysfunction.


Useful Words

Designer Drug : ایک قسم کی دوا , Daypro : سوزش کم کرنے کی دوا , Acular : سوجن کم کرنے کی دوا , Aflaxen : درد کی دوا , Cannabis : بھنگ , Acetylsalicylic Acid : اسپرین , Drug Addiction : نشہ آور دوا کا نشہ , Atabrine : ایک قسم کی دوا , Antidiabetic : ذیابیطس کی دوا , Antimalarial : مانع ملیریا , Zentel : پیٹ کے کیڑوں کی دوا , Fergon : خون بنانے کی دوائی , Locomotor Ataxia : ایک قسم کی ریڑھ کی ہڈی کی بیماری , Alkeran : سائیٹوٹاکسک عامل , Allopurinol : ایک دوا , Actifed : الرجی کی دوا , Stugeron : کان کی بیماری چکر متلی کی دوا , Decadron : ایلرجی کی دوا , Risek : معدے کے السر کی دوا , Dopamine : دماغ میں پیدا ہونے والا خوشی کا کیمیکل , Brufen : درد کی دوا , Ace Inhibitor : گردوں کی دوا , Dependant : منشیات کا عادی , Abocal : وٹامن کی کمی دور کرنے کی دوا , Anaesthetise : دوا سے بے ہوش کرنا , Alp : سکون کی دوا , Hypnotic : نیند لانے والی دوا , Adrenergic : الرجی کم کرنے کی دوا , Drug Withdrawal : چھوڑنے کا عمل , Nickel : پانچ ڈالر مالیت کی منشیات , Antiviral : وائرس ختم کرنے والی دوا

Useful Words Definitions

Designer Drug: a psychoactive drug deliberately synthesized to avoid anti-drug laws; mimics the effects of a banned drug; law was revised in 1986 to ban designer drugs.

Daypro: a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade name Daypro).

Acular: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade names Acular and Toradol) that is administered only intramuscularly.

Aflaxen: a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trademarks Aleve and Anaprox and Aflaxen) that fights pain and inflammation.

Cannabis: the most commonly used illicit drug; considered a soft drug, it consists of the dried leaves of the hemp plant; smoked or chewed for euphoric effect.

Acetylsalicylic Acid: the acetylated derivative of salicylic acid; used as an analgesic anti-inflammatory drug (trade names Bayer, Empirin, and St. Joseph) usually taken in tablet form; used as an antipyretic; slows clotting of the blood by poisoning platelets.

Drug Addiction: an addiction to a drug (especially a narcotic drug).

Atabrine: a drug (trade name Atabrine) used to treat certain worm infestations and once used to treat malaria.

Antidiabetic: a drug used to treat diabetes mellitus.

Antimalarial: a medicinal drug used to prevent or treat malaria.

Zentel: This drug is used to treat intestinal parasites and Giardia .

Fergon: trade name of a drug rich in iron; used to treat some types of anemia.

Locomotor Ataxia: syphilis of the spinal cord characterized by degeneration of sensory neurons and stabbing pains in the trunk and legs and unsteady gait and incontinence and impotence.

Alkeran: antineoplastic drug (trade name Alkeran) used to treat multiple myeloma and some other malignancies.

Allopurinol: a drug (trade name Zyloprim) used to treat gout and other conditions in which there is an excessive buildup of uric acid.

Actifed: trade name for a drug containing an antihistamine and a decongestant; used to treat upper respiratory conditions and minor allergies.

Stugeron: This drug is used to treat vestibular contorol symptoms and labyrinthine disorders including vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, nausea and vomiting.

Decadron: a corticosteroid drug (trade names Decadron or Dexamethasone Intensol or Dexone or Hexadrol or Oradexon) used to treat allergies or inflammation.

Risek: A pharmaceutical drug which is used to treat gastric ulcers and these types of other ulcers.

Dopamine: a monoamine neurotransmitter found in the brain and essential for the normal functioning of the central nervous system; as a drug (trade names Dopastat and Intropin) it is used to treat shock and hypotension.

Brufen: A pharmaceutical drug which is used to treat pain such as headache, migraine, dental pain, frozen shoulder and other mild pain.

Ace Inhibitor: an antihypertensive drug that blocks the formation of angiotensin II in the kidney, leading to relaxation of the arteries; promotes the excretion of salt and water by inhibiting the activity of the angiotensin converting enzyme; also used to treat congestive heart failure.

Dependant: addicted to a drug.

Abocal: This drug is used to treat deficiencies of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin B6..

Anaesthetise: administer an anesthetic drug to.

Alp: a drug is used for anxiety disorder.

Hypnotic: a drug that induces sleep.

Adrenergic: drug that has the effects of epinephrine.

Drug Withdrawal: the termination of drug taking.

Nickel: five dollars worth of a drug.

Antiviral: any drug that destroys viruses.

Related Words

Drug : دوا

Close Words

Anti : دشمن , Anti Inflammatory : سوزش توڑ , Anti-Intellectual : لکیر کا فقیر , Anti-Personnel Bomb : ایک قسم کا بم , Anti-Semite : امتیازی , Anti-Sway Bar : گاڑی کے انجن کا سریا , Antiacid : اینٹی ایسڈ , Antiaircraft : طیارہ شکن توپ , Antianxiety Drug : زہنی دباو دور کرنے کی دوا , Antibacterial : جراثیم کو تباہ کرنے والا , Antiballistic Missile : دفاعی ميزائل

Close Words Definitions

Anti: a person who is opposed (to an action or policy or practice etc.).

Anti Inflammatory: anti-inflammatory pertains to agents, treatment, medicines, or therapies intended to reduce inflammation within the body..

Anti-Intellectual: a person who is uninterested in intellectual pursuits.

Anti-Personnel Bomb: a bomb with only 10 to 20 per cent explosive and the remainder consisting of casings designed to break into many small high-velocity fragments; most effective against troops and vehicles.

Anti-Semite: discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion.

Anti-Sway Bar: a rigid metal bar between the front suspensions and between the rear suspensions of cars and trucks; serves to stabilize the chassis.

Antiacid: an agent that counteracts or neutralizes acidity (especially in the stomach).

Antiaircraft: artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes.

Antianxiety Drug: a tranquilizer used to relieve anxiety and reduce tension and irritability.

Antibacterial: destroying bacteria or inhibiting their growth.

Antiballistic Missile: a defensive missile designed to shoot down incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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