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Antonio Stradivari Definitions

1) Antonio Stradivari, Antonius Stradivarius, Stradivari, Stradivarius : ایک خاس قسم کا وائلن : (noun) Italian violin maker who developed the modern violin and created violins of unequaled tonal quality (1644?-1737).

Useful Words

Fiddlestick : وائلن کی گرہ , Sordino : ایک قسم کا ساز , Fiddler : سارنگیا , Fiddle : چوتارا بجانا , Bass Fiddle : ایک قسم کی سارنگی , Pizzicato : موسیقی کے آلے کے تاروں کو انگلیوں سے چھیڑ کر بجنے والا , Fiddle : چوتارا , Maria Montesorri : مونٹیسوری تعلیم کی اطالوی استاد , Cultivation : نفاست , Remastered : آواز کو مذید اچھا بنانے کے لئے کی گئی رکورڈنگ , String Quartet : وہ نغمہ نگاری جو چار تانتل ساز کے لیے کی جائے , Ming : چینی شاہی خاندان , Francis Hopkinson : امریکی رہنما , Maltman : شعیرہ بنانے والا , Waggonwright : ویگن ساز , Boot Maker : جوتا ساز , Shirtmaker : قمیض بنانے والا , Coiner : جعلی سکے بنانے والا , Saddler : گہوڑے کے ساز بنانے والا , Adolphe Sax : آلات موسیقی بنانے والا , Poetiser : نظم گو , Decency : معقولیت , Ability : صلاحیت , Call : کہنا , Detergence : صفائی , Espresso Maker : کافی بنانے کی مشین , Bookmaker : کتاب ساز , Ultramodern : انتہائی جدید خیال , Heinrich Engelhard Steinway : امریکی پیانو ساز , Roman : رومی , Family Hominidae : انسان نما جانور

Useful Words Definitions

Fiddlestick: a bow used in playing the violin.

Sordino: a mute for a violin.

Fiddler: a musician who plays the violin.

Fiddle: play the violin or fiddle.

Bass Fiddle: largest and lowest member of the violin family.

Pizzicato: (of instruments in the violin family) to be plucked with the finger.

Fiddle: bowed stringed instrument that is the highest member of the violin family; this instrument has four strings and a hollow body and an unfretted fingerboard and is played with a bow.

Maria Montesorri: Italian educator who developed a method of teaching mentally handicapped children and advocated a child-centered approach (1870-1952).

Cultivation: a highly developed state of perfection; having a flawless or impeccable quality.

Remastered: the change of quality in sound, image and video of previously created recordings.

String Quartet: an instrumental quartet with 2 violins and a viola and a cello.

Ming: the imperial dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644.

Francis Hopkinson: American Revolutionary leader and patriot; a signer of the Declaration of Independence (1737-1791).

Maltman: a maker of malt.

Waggonwright: a wagon maker.

Boot Maker: a maker of boots.

Shirtmaker: a maker of shirts.

Coiner: a maker of counterfeit coins.

Saddler: a maker and repairer and seller of equipment for horses.

Adolphe Sax: a Belgian maker of musical instruments who invented the saxophone (1814-1894).

Poetiser: a writer who composes rhymes; a maker of poor verses (usually used as terms of contempt for minor or inferior poets).

Decency: the quality of conforming to standards of propriety and morality; the quality of being polite and respectable.

Ability: the quality of being able to perform; a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment.

Call: ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality.

Detergence: detergent quality; the quality of having cleansing power.

Espresso Maker: a coffee maker that forces live steam under pressure through dark roasted coffee grounds.

Bookmaker: a maker of books; someone who edits or publishes or binds books.

Ultramodern: extremely modern.

Heinrich Engelhard Steinway: United States piano maker (born in Germany) who founded a famous piano manufacturing firm in New York (1797-1871).

Roman: a resident of modern Rome.

Family Hominidae: modern man and extinct immediate ancestors of man.

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