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Apologise meaning in Urdu

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Apologise Definitions

1 of 2) Apologise, Apologize, Excuse, Justify, Rationalise, Rationalize : معذرت کرنا : (verb) defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning.

2 of 2) Apologise, Apologize : معذرت کرنا, معافی مانگنا : (verb) acknowledge faults or shortcomings or failing.

Useful Words

Apologist : وکیل , Explanatory : بیانیہ , Excuser : معاف کرنے والا , Casus Belli : جنگ شروع کرنے کا بہانہ , Grievance : بغض , Case In Point : نظیر , Inexcusably : بے جا طور پر , Worthwhile : کار آمد , Otiose : غیر ضروری , Plead : عذر پیش کرنا , Void : خالی کرنا , Condone : در گزر کرنا , Cover For : پردہ پوشی کرنا , Cock-And-Bull Story : بناوٹی قصہ , Comment : تشریح کرنا , Stand Up : بندوق دکھا کر روک لینا اور لوٹ لینا , Hypothesis : قیاس , Vouchee : قانونی اصطلاح میں وہ شخص جو کچہری میں اپنا اعزاز دفاع کرنے کے لئے بلایا جائے , Resistance : قوت مدافعت , Home Guard : رضاکاروں کا فوج , Hypothesis : نظریہ , Misology : عقل بیزاری , Anticipation : پیش گوئی , Deduce : نتیجہ نکالنا , Casuist : عیار , Illogic : غیر منطقی , Ratiocination : منطقی , Conclude : نتیجہ اخذ کرنا , Intuitive : الہامی , Tenable : قابل مدافعت , Fallacy : مغالطہ

Useful Words Definitions

Apologist: a person who argues to defend or justify some policy or institution.

Explanatory: serving or intended to explain or make clear.

Excuser: a person who pardons or forgives or excuses a fault or offense.

Casus Belli: an event used to justify starting a war.

Grievance: a resentment strong enough to justify retaliation.

Case In Point: an example that is used to justify similar occurrences at a later time.

Inexcusably: without any excuse.

Worthwhile: sufficiently valuable to justify the investment of time or interest.

Otiose: serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being.

Plead: offer as an excuse or plea.

Void: clear (a room, house, place) of occupants or empty or clear (a place or receptacle) of something.

Condone: excuse, overlook, or make allowances for; be lenient with.

Cover For: provide an excuse or alibi for someone so as to cover up guilt.

Cock-And-Bull Story: an interesting but highly implausible story; often told as an excuse.

Comment: explain or interpret something.

Stand Up: defend against attack or criticism.

Hypothesis: a proposal intended to explain certain facts or observations.

Vouchee: (law) a person called into court to defend a title.

Resistance: the capacity of an organism to defend itself against harmful environmental agents.

Home Guard: a volunteer unit formed to defend the homeland while the regular army is fighting elsewhere.

Hypothesis: a tentative insight into the natural world; a concept that is not yet verified but that if true would explain certain facts or phenomena.

Misology: hatred of reasoning.

Anticipation: the act of predicting (as by reasoning about the future).

Deduce: conclude by reasoning; in logic.

Casuist: someone whose reasoning is subtle and often specious.

Illogic: invalid or incorrect reasoning.

Ratiocination: logical and methodical reasoning.

Conclude: decide by reasoning; draw or come to a conclusion.

Intuitive: obtained through intuition rather than from reasoning or observation.

Tenable: based on sound reasoning or evidence.

Fallacy: a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning.

Related Words

Acknowledge : تسلیم کرنا , Defend : صفائی پیش کرنا , Extenuate : اصل سے کم کا اندازہ لگانا

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