Apparition Apparently Apparent Horizon Apparent Appareled Apparel Apparatus Appanage Apparitional Appeal Appealable Appealing Appealingness Appear Appearance Appearing Appeasable Appease Appeasement Appellant

Apparitional Meaning in Urdu

1. Apparitional - Ghostlike - Ghostly - Phantasmal - Spectral - Spiritual : بھوت کے متعلق - وہمہی : resembling or characteristic of a phantom.

Useful Words

Characteristic - Feature : خصوصیت : a prominent attribute or aspect of something. "The map showed roads and other features"

Apparition - Fantasm - Phantasm - Phantasma - Phantom - Specter - Spectre : ظہور : a ghostly appearing figure. "We were unprepared for the apparition that confronted us"

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