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Apprize   Meaning in Urdu

1. Apprize - Advise - Apprise - Give Notice - Notify - Send Word : اطلاع دینا - مطلع کرنا : (verb) inform (somebody) of something.

Inform - impart knowledge of some fact, state or affairs, or event to.

2. Apprize - Apprise - Instruct : آگاہ کرنا : (verb) make aware of.

Direct - give directions to; point somebody into a certain direction.

4. Apprize - Appreciate - Apprise : بڑھانا : (verb) increase the value of.

Appreciate, Apprise, Apprize, Revalue - gain in value.

Related Words

Appraisal : اندازہ : an expert estimation of the quality, quantity, and other characteristics of someone or something.

Appraisal - Assessment : اندازہ : the classification of someone or something with respect to its worth.

Useful Words

Aware - Cognisant - Cognizant : واقف : (sometimes followed by `of`) having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization or perception. "Was aware of his opponent`s hostility"

Inform : اطلاع دینا : impart knowledge of some fact, state or affairs, or event to. "I informed him of his rights"

Make : بنانا : act in a certain way so as to acquire. "Make friends"

Individual - Mortal - Person - Somebody - Someone - Soul : شخص : a human being. "The person who I told you about"

Something : کوئی چیز : An undetermined or unspecified thing. "Lets have something"

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