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Approximately meaning in Urdu

Approximately Sentence

My clothes were not ironed due to lack of electricity I will be there by eight o`clock approximately.

Approximately Synonyms

Approximately in Detail

1) Approximately, About, Around, Close To, Just About, More Or Less, Or So, Roughly, Some : تقریباً, لگ بھگ, کم و بیش : (adverb) (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct.

Lasted approximately an hour.

Useful Words

At Close Range, Close Up : نزدیک سے : very close. "Without my reading glasses I can hardly see things close up".

Close, Conclude : اختتام ہونا : come to a close. "The concert closed with a nocturne by Chopin".

Confine, Enclose, Hold In : گھیرلینا : close in. "Darkness enclosed him".

Immediately : قریب سے : near or close by. "He passed immediately behind her".

Nearby : پاس ہی : close at hand. "She lives in the nearby town".

Zip, Zip Up, Zipper : زپ بند کرنا : close with a zipper. "Zip up your jacket, it`s cold".

Approximate, Come Close : تقریباً : be close or similar. "Her results approximate my own".

Contact : تعلق : close interaction. "They kept in daily contact".

Hand To Hand : دست بدست : at close quarters. "Fought hand to hand".

Shutter : شٹر بند کرنا : close with shutters. "We shuttered the window to keep the house cool".

Walk-To, Walking : قریب جہاں پیدل جایا جاسکے : close enough to be walked to. "Walking distance".

Collapse : بند کرنا : fold or close up. "Fold up your umbrella".

Closely, Intimately, Nearly : قریبی طور پر : in a close manner. "The two phenomena are intimately connected".

Bang, Slam : زور سے بند کرنا : close violently. "She slammed the window shut".

Flat-Hat, Hedgehop : نچلی پرواز کرنا : fly very close to the ground. "An owl went past hedgehoping and disappeared into the fog".

Isolated, Stray : دور دور : not close together in time. "Isolated instances of rebellion".

Propinquity, Proximity : قرابت : the property of being close together.

Seal : بند کرنا : close with or as if with a seal. "She sealed the letter with hot wax".

Boon : قریبی : very close and convivial. "Boon companions".

Hand-To-Hand : نزدیک : being at close quarters. "Hand-to-hand fighting".

Adjourn, Break Up, Recess : موخر کرنا : close at the end of a session. "The court adjourned".

Approximate, Near : مشابہ : very close in resemblance. "Sketched in an approximate likeness".

Inshore : ساحل سے قریب : close to a shore. "Inshore fisheries".

Conclude : ختم ہونا : bring to a close. "The committee concluded the meeting".

Cooperatively, Hand And Glove, Hand In Glove : مشترکہ طور پر : in close cooperation. "They work hand in glove".

Verge : قریب آجانا : border on; come close to. "His behavior verges on the criminal".

Dear, Good, Near : جگری : with or in a close or intimate relationship. "A good friend".

Affiliated, Attached, Connected : وابستہ : being joined in close association. "Affiliated partner".

At Hand, Close At Hand : متصل : close in space; within reach. "The town is close at hand".

Point-Blank : نشانہ : close enough to go straight to the target. "Point-blank range".

At Hand, Close At Hand, Imminent, Impendent, Impending : قریب : close in time; about to occur. "Retribution is at hand".

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