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Aquanaut meaning in Urdu

Aquanaut Synonym

Aquanaut Definitions

1) Aquanaut, Oceanaut : غواص : (noun) a skilled worker who can live in underwater installations and participate in scientific research.


Useful Words

Perfecter : تکمیل کرنے والا , Maintenance Man : مرمت کرنے والا , Lab : تجزیہ گاہ , Aquarium : مچھلیاں وغیرہ رکھنے کا شیشہ دار حوض , Coiner : سکے ڈھالنے والا , Armorer : ہتھیار بنانے والا شخص , Artificer : دست کار , Fixer : مرمت کرنے والا , Shearer : بھیڑ کی کھال اتارنے والا , Draftsman : نقشہ تیار کرنے والا , Aesthetician : نکھارنے والا , Preserver : لکڑی یا دھات کی سطح ہموار کرنے والا , Plater : پترا ساز , Space Laboratory : خلائی اڈہ , Linguist : ماہر لسانیات , Diver : غواص , Engage : جاری رکھنا , Scuba Diver : زیر آب سانس لینے والا , Skin Diving : غلافی غوطہ زن ہونا , Sit Out : کسی تقریب وغیرہ میں حصہ نہ لینا , Rave : رقص کی تقریب میں شریک ہونا , Invitation : بلاوا , Butterflyfish : بڑے پر والی مچھلی , Torpedo : تار پیڈو , Baryon : بھاری ذرے , Aqua-Lung : غوطہ خوروں کو سانس دلانے کا آلہ , Fellow Member : رکن , Accomplished : ماہر , Calligrapher : خوش نویس , Equestrian : گھڑ سوار , Crack Shot : نشانہ لگانے میں ماہر

Useful Words Definitions

Perfecter: a skilled worker who perfects something.

Maintenance Man: a skilled worker whose job is to repair things.

Lab: a workplace for the conduct of scientific research.

Aquarium: a tank or pool or bowl filled with water for keeping live fish and underwater animals.

Coiner: a skilled worker who coins or stamps money.

Armorer: a worker skilled in making armor or arms.

Artificer: a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft.

Fixer: a skilled worker who mends or repairs things.

Shearer: a skilled worker who shears the wool off of sheep or other animals.

Draftsman: a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines.

Aesthetician: a worker skilled in giving beauty treatments (manicures and facials etc.).

Preserver: a skilled worker who is employed to restore or refinish buildings or antique furniture.

Plater: a skilled worker who coats articles with a film of metal (usually silver or gold).

Space Laboratory: a manned artificial satellite in a fixed orbit designed for scientific research.

Linguist: an expert in the scientific study of language. Linguists analyze language`s structure, evolution, and usage, often conducting research to understand its various aspects and intricacies.

Diver: someone who works underwater.

Engage: carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in.

Scuba Diver: an underwater diver who uses scuba gear.

Skin Diving: underwater swimming without any more breathing equipment than a snorkel.

Sit Out: not participate in (an activity, such as a dance or a sports event).

Rave: participate in an all-night techno dance party.

Invitation: a request (spoken or written) to participate or be present or take part in something.

Butterflyfish: tropical fish with huge fanlike pectoral fins for underwater gliding; unrelated to searobins.

Torpedo: armament consisting of a long cylindrical self-propelled underwater projectile that detonates on contact with a target.

Baryon: any of the elementary particles having a mass equal to or greater than that of a proton and that participate in strong interactions; a hadron with a baryon number of +1.

Aqua-Lung: a device (trade name Aqua-Lung) that lets divers breathe under water; scuba is an acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.

Fellow Member: one of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization).

Accomplished: highly skilled.

Calligrapher: someone skilled in penmanship.

Equestrian: a man skilled in equitation.

Crack Shot: someone skilled in shooting.

Related Words

Skilled Worker : ماہر کاریگر

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