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1) Arctic Zone, Arctic, North Frigid Zone : قطب شمالی : (noun) the regions to the north of the Arctic Circle centered on the North Pole.

Useful Words

Abyssal Zone : گہرا سمندر جہاں کوئی روشنی نہ ہو ۲۰۰۰ میٹر سے بھی گہرا : the deep sea (2000 meters or more) where there is no light. "Abyssal zone fishes".

Arctic, North-Polar : قطب شمالی سے متعلق : of or relating to the Arctic. "The Arctic summer".

Arctic Skua, Parasitic Jaeger, Stercorarius Parasiticus : ایک قسم کا سمندری پرندہ : a variety of jaeger.

Arctic Wolf, Canis Lupus Tundrarum, White Wolf : برفانی بھیڑیا : wolf of Arctic North America having white fur and a black-tipped tail.

Buffer, Buffer Zone : دو دشمنوں کے درمیان خالی علاقہ : a neutral zone between two rival powers that is created in order to diminish the danger of conflict. "Army visited buffer area".

Combat Area, Combat Zone : جنگی علاقہ : a military area where combat forces operate.

Comfort Zone : انسانی جسم لئے موزوں درجہ حرارت کی جگہ : the temperature range (between 28 and 30 degrees Centigrade) at which the naked human body is able to maintain a heat balance without shivering or sweating.

Drop Zone, Dropping Zone : وہ علاقہ جہاں فوج اور فوجی سازوسامان اتارا جاتا ہے : an agreed area where military supplies are dropped to ground troops.

Geographical Zone, Zone : حصہ : any of the regions of the surface of the Earth loosely divided according to latitude or longitude.

Litoral, Littoral, Littoral Zone, Sands : ساحلی : the region of the shore of a lake or sea or ocean.

Strike Zone : بیس بال میں وہ جگہ جو بلے باز کے گھٹنوں اور کندھے کے درمیان ہوتی ھے : (baseball) the area over home plate between a batter's knees and shoulders through which a pitch must pass in order to be called a strike.

District, Zone : ضلع : regulate housing in; of certain areas of towns.

Epilobium, Genus Epilobium : ایک قسم کی جری بوٹی : large widely distributed genus of herbs and subshrubs of especially western North America and Arctic areas.

Tropic : منطقہ حارہ : either of two parallels of latitude about 23.5 degrees to the north and south of the equator representing the points farthest north and south at which the sun can shine directly overhead and constituting the boundaries of the Torrid Zone or tropics.

Ice Bear, Polar Bear, Thalarctos Maritimus, Ursus Maritimus : بڑا ریچھ : white bear of Arctic regions.

Balaena Mysticetus, Bowhead, Bowhead Whale, Greenland Whale : ایک قسم کی بڑی مچھلی : large-mouthed Arctic whale. "Balaena mysticetus life is about over 200 years old".

Midnight Sun : نیم سورج : the sun visible at midnight (inside the Arctic or Antarctic Circles).

Cod, Codfish : کاڈ مچھلی : major food fish of Arctic and cold-temperate waters.

America, The States, U.S., U.S.A., United States, United States Of America, Us, Usa : ریاستہاۓ متحدہ امریکا : North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776. "People get handsome pay in USA".

Indigirka, Indigirka River : سائبیریا کا دریا : a river in far eastern Siberia that flows generally northward to the Arctic Ocean.

Falco Rusticolus, Gerfalcon, Gyrfalcon : عقاب : large and rare Arctic falcon having white and dark color phases.

Ptarmigan : ایک قسم کا سفید تیتر : large Arctic and subarctic grouse with feathered feet and usually white winter plumage.

Cochlearia Officinalis, Common Scurvy Grass, Scurvy Grass : وٹامن سی سے بھرپور گھاس : a widely distributed Arctic cress reputed to have value in treatment or prevention of scurvy; a concentrated source of vitamin C.

Bladdernose, Cystophora Cristata, Hooded Seal : بحری ہاتھی : medium-sized blackish-grey seal with large inflatable sac on the head; of Arctic and northern Atlantic waters. "Hooded seal on TV".

Compass Card, Mariner's Compass : قطب نما کا کارڈ : compass in the form of a card that rotates so that 0 degrees or North points to magnetic north.

Greensboro : شمالی کیرولینا کا شہر : a city of north central North Carolina.

Genus Hedysarum, Hedysarum : ہڈی سارم جری بوٹی : genus of herbs of north temperate regions. "Hedysarum is an annual or perennial herbs in Asia, Europe, North Africa, and North America".

Bakeapple, Baked-Apple Berry, Cloudberry, Dwarf Mulberry, Rubus Chamaemorus, Salmonberry : نارنجی زرد پھل : creeping raspberry of north temperate regions with yellow or orange berries. "Dwarf mulberry tree in Australia".

Canis Lupus, Gray Wolf, Grey Wolf, Timber Wolf : کٹھ بھیڑیا : a wolf with a brindled grey coat living in forested northern regions of North America.

Poplar, Poplar Tree : ہلکی نرم لکڑی والا درخت : any of numerous trees of north temperate regions having light soft wood and flowers borne in catkins.

Cowberry, Foxberry, Lingberry, Lingenberry, Lingonberry, Mountain Cranberry, Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea : گوندنی : low evergreen shrub of high north temperate regions of Europe and Asia and America bearing red edible berries.

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