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Arm meaning in Urdu

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Arm Definitions

1 of 7) Arm : بازو : (noun) a human limb; technically the part of the superior limb between the shoulder and the elbow but commonly used to refer to the whole superior limb.

Take me in your arms.

2 of 7) Arm, Build Up, Fortify, Gird : تیاری کرنا, قلع بندی کرنا : (verb) prepare oneself for a military confrontation.

3 of 7) Arm, Branch, Limb : شاخ : (noun) any projection that is thought to resemble a human arm.

The arm of the record player.
An arm of the sea.

4 of 7) Arm : مسلح کرنا : (verb) supply with arms.

The U.S. armed the freedom fighters in Afghanistan.

5 of 7) Arm, Weapon, Weapon System : ہتھیار : (noun) any instrument or instrumentality used in fighting or hunting.

6 of 7) Arm, Branch, Subdivision : شعبہ, شاخ : (noun) a division of some larger or more complex organization.

7 of 7) Arm, Sleeve : آستین : (noun) the part of a garment that is attached at the armhole and that provides a cloth covering for the arm.

Useful Words

Leg : ٹانگ , Forearm : کونی اور کلائی کے درمیان والا بازو کا وہ حصہ , Hand : ہاتھ , Extremity : پنجہ , Amputator : سرجن , Varus : ٹیڑھی ہڈی , Valgus : ٹانگ کی مڑی ہوئی ہڈیوں کی حالت , Cripple : اپاہج ہونا , Hind Leg : چوپائے کی پچھلی ٹانگیں , Amputee : جوارح کٹا شخص , Adduct : کھینچنا , Monoplegia : جسم کے ایک اعضا یا ایک طرف فالج ہونا , Extension : کھچاو , Chela : چنگل , Oblique Bandage : ایک قسم کی پٹی , Causalgia : سوزش , Traction : سکڑاوٴ , Dermatomyositis : مختلف وجوہات کی بنا پر جلد اور پٹہوں کی شدید ترین سوزش , Humerus : عضد , Choice : عمدہ , Exceed : سبقت لے لینا , High Quality : اعلی معیار کا , Head And Shoulders Above : بہت آگے , Better : زیادہ بہتر , Overriding : بڑا , Deluxe : اعلی , Abbess : عیسائی راہباوٴں کی سربراہ , Upper : انچا درجہ , Overmaster : مغلوب ہوجانا , Counterfeit : جعلی , High Status : اعلی حیثیت

Useful Words Definitions

Leg: a human limb; commonly used to refer to a whole limb but technically only the part of the limb between the knee and ankle.

Forearm: the part of the superior limb between the elbow and the wrist.

Hand: the (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb.

Extremity: that part of a limb that is farthest from the torso.

Amputator: a surgeon who removes part or all of a limb.

Varus: a deformity in which part of a limb is turned inward to an abnormal degree.

Valgus: a deformity in which there is an abnormal displacement of part of a limb away from the midline of the body.

Cripple: deprive of the use of a limb, especially a leg.

Hind Leg: the back limb of a quadruped.

Amputee: someone who has had a limb removed by amputation.

Adduct: draw a limb towards the body.

Monoplegia: paralysis of a single limb.

Extension: act of stretching or straightening out a flexed limb.

Chela: a grasping structure on the limb of a crustacean or other arthropods.

Oblique Bandage: a bandage in which successive turns proceed obliquely up or down a limb.

Causalgia: a burning pain in a limb along the course of a peripheral nerve; usually associated with skin changes.

Traction: (orthopedics) the act of pulling on a bone or limb (as in a fracture) to relieve pressure or align parts in a special way during healing.

Dermatomyositis: myositis characterized by weakness of limb and neck muscles and much muscle pain and swelling accompanied by skin rash affecting cheeks and eyelids and neck and chest and limbs; progression and severity vary among individuals.

Humerus: bone extending from the shoulder to the elbow.

Choice: of superior grade.

Exceed: be superior or better than some standard.

High Quality: the quality of being superior.

Head And Shoulders Above: outstandingly superior to.

Better: the superior one of two alternatives.

Overriding: having superior power and influence.

Deluxe: rich and superior in quality.

Abbess: the superior of a group of nuns.

Upper: superior in rank or accomplishment.

Overmaster: overcome by superior force.

Counterfeit: not genuine; imitating something superior.

High Status: a position of superior status.

Related Words

Homo : انسان , Bow : کمان , Brass Knuckles : انگشت , Cuff : پائنچہ , Dolman Sleeve : ایک قسم کی تنگ آستین , Flamethrower : ایک قسم کا ہتھیار , Garment : لباس , Gun : بندوق , Instrument : آلہ , Missile : میزائل , Body : جسم , Limb : پر , Local Post Office : ڈاک خانہ , Forearm : پہلے سے تیار کرنا , Furnish : مہیا کرنا

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