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Aromatic meaning in Urdu

Aromatic Sentence

An aromatic root.

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Aromatic in Detail

1) Aromatic, Redolent : خوشبو دار, مہک دار : (satellite adjective) having a strong pleasant odor.

Related : Fragrant : pleasant-smelling.

Useful Words

Aromatic Hydrocarbon : خوشبودار ہائڈروکاربن : a hydrocarbon that contains one or more benzene rings that are characteristic of the benzene series of organic compounds.

Aroma, Fragrance, Perfume, Scent : خوشبو : a distinctive odor that is pleasant. "My father gifted to me a nice scent".

Incense : لوبان : a substance that produces a fragrant odor when burned. "An incense burner".

Incense Stick : اگر بتی : a slender stick of incense that produces a fragrant odor when burned. "Lit the incense stick".

Bite, Pungency, Raciness, Sharpness : جوشیلا پن : a strong odor or taste property. "The pungency of mustard".

Musk Turtle, Stinkpot : آبی کچھوا : small freshwater turtle having a strong musky odor.

Limburger : بادامی رنگ کا ذائقے والا پنیر : a soft white cheese with a very strong pungent odor and flavor.

Asafetida, Asafoetida : ہینگ : the brownish gum resin of various plants; has strong taste and odor; formerly used as an antispasmodic. "He was talking about asafoetida".

Birch Oil, Methyl Salicylate, Sweet-Birch Oil : پٹھوں کا تیل : a liquid ester with a strong odor of wintergreen; applied externally for minor muscle and joint pain.

Allium Acuminatum, Hooker's Onion : امریکی جنگلی پیاز : a common North American wild onion with a strong onion odor and an umbel of pink flowers atop a leafless stalk; British Columbia to California and Arizona and east to Wyoming and Colorado.

Anethum Graveolens, Dill : سویا : aromatic Old World herb having aromatic threadlike foliage and seeds used as seasoning. "Anethum graveolens good for hair".

Sociable : ملنسار : friendly and pleasant. "A sociable gathering".

Pleasingness, Tastiness : مرغوبیت : pleasant palatability.

Balmy, Mild, Soft : تسکین بخش : mild and pleasant. "Balmy days and nights".

Fragrant : پر مہک : pleasant-smelling.

Kindly : اچھا : pleasant and agreeable. "A kindly climate".

Change, Variety : تبدیلی : a difference that is usually pleasant. "He goes to France for variety".

Bed Of Roses, Rose Bed : آسان : an easy or pleasant situation. "School would be bed of roses without tests and homework".

Happy, Glad, Cheerful : خوش مزاج : noticeably happy and optimistic,pleasant.. "Don`t give up and keep trying to get married One day you will get married and you will be glad that you didn`t give up".

Sweeten : خوش خو بنانا : make sweeter, more pleasant, or more agreeable. "Sweeten a deal".

Afterglow : حسین یادیں : the pleasure of remembering some pleasant event. "He basked in the afterglow of his victory".

Benign, Benignant : سلیم : pleasant and beneficial in nature or influence. "A benign smile".

Personable : خوبصورت : (of persons) pleasant in appearance and personality. "Personable view".

Unpalatable : بد مزہ : not pleasant or acceptable to the taste or mind. "An unpalatable meal".

Hydrogen Peroxide, Peroxide : کسی چیز سے رنگ چھڑانہ : a viscous liquid with strong oxidizing properties; a powerful bleaching agent; also used (in aqueous solutions) as a mild disinfectant and (in strong concentrations) as an oxidant in rocket fuels. "Hydrogen peroxide for teeth cleaning".

Cheery, Gay, Sunny : خوشی سے بھرپور : bright and pleasant; promoting a feeling of cheer. "A cheery hello".

Amuse, Disport, Divert : دل بہلانا : occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion. "The play amused the ladies".

Nice : اچھا : pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance. "Nice to meet you".

Melody, Tonal Pattern : دھن : the perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notes.

Get Through, While Away : بوریت کا وقت خوشی سے گزارنا : spend or pass, as with boredom or in a pleasant manner; of time.

Deodorise, Deodorize, Deodourise : بدبو رفع کرنا : eliminate the odor from. "This stick will deodorize your armpits".

Aromatic in Book Titles

Aromatic character and aromaticity.
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Chemistry and Carcinogenicity.

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