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Arrest Warrant meaning in Urdu

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Arrest Warrant Definitions

1) Arrest Warrant, Bench Warrant : عدالتی وارنٹ : (noun) a warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to apprehend an offender and bring that person to court.


Useful Words

Search Warrant : وارنٹ تلاشی , Pickup : حراست میں لینے کا حکم , Guarantor : ضامن , Warrantee : جس شخص کو یقین دلایا جاۓ , Foist : دہوکا دینا , Warrant Officer : وارنٹ افسر , Amnesty : معافی نامہ , Air Attache : فضائیہ کا افسر , Executioner : جلاد , Reprieve : مہلت , Certitude : یقین , Check : حرکت کو روکنا , Abscondment : چپکے سےنکل بھاگنے کا عمل , Absconder : مفرور , Operation : جراحی , Ventricular Fibrillation : بطنی عضلے کا سکڑاؤ , Miranda Rule : پولیس کا اصول , Cardiac Massage : دل کی مالش , Defendant : مدعا علیہ , Contumacy : عدول حکمی , Jinx : منحوس , Bring In : لانا , Complainant : مدعی , Witness : گواہ , Kingmaker : سیاست میں کسی کو اقتدار میں لانے والا , Vouchee : قانونی اصطلاح میں وہ شخص جو کچہری میں اپنا اعزاز دفاع کرنے کے لئے بلایا جائے , Conservator : نگران , Delinquent : کمسن مجرم , Liquidator : اثاثے کیش کرانے والا , Bail : رقم ضمانت , High Treason : غداری

Useful Words Definitions

Search Warrant: a warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to search for objects or people involved in the commission of a crime and to produce them in court; the warrant describes the locations where the officials may search.

Pickup: a warrant to take someone into custody.

Guarantor: one who provides a warrant or guarantee to another.

Warrantee: a customer to whom a warrant or guarantee is given.

Foist: insert surreptitiously or without warrant.

Warrant Officer: holds rank by virtue of a warrant.

Amnesty: a warrant granting release from punishment for an offense.

Air Attache: a military attache who is a commissioned or warrant officer in an air force.

Executioner: an official who inflicts capital punishment in pursuit of a warrant.

Reprieve: a warrant granting postponement (usually to postpone the execution of the death sentence).

Certitude: total certainty or greater certainty than circumstances warrant.

Check: arrest the motion (of something) abruptly.

Abscondment: the act of running away secretly (as to avoid arrest).

Absconder: a fugitive who runs away and hides to avoid arrest or prosecution.

Operation: a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments; performed to repair damage or arrest disease in a living body.

Ventricular Fibrillation: fibrillation of heart muscles resulting in interference with rhythmic contractions of the ventricles and possibly leading to cardiac arrest.

Miranda Rule: the rule that police (when interrogating you after an arrest) are obliged to warn you that anything you say may be used as evidence and to read you your constitutional rights (the right to a lawyer and the right to remain silent until advised by a lawyer).

Cardiac Massage: an emergency procedure that employs rhythmic compression of the heart (either through the chest wall or, during surgery, directly to the heart) in an attempt to maintain circulation during cardiac arrest.

Defendant: a person or institution against whom an action is brought in a court of law; the person being sued or accused.

Contumacy: willful refusal to appear before a court or comply with a court order; can result in a finding of contempt of court.

Jinx: a person believed to bring bad luck to those around him.

Bring In: bring in a new person or object into a familiar environment.

Complainant: a person who brings an action in a court of law.

Witness: (law) a person who testifies under oath in a court of law.

Kingmaker: an important person who can bring leaders to power through the exercise of political influence.

Vouchee: (law) a person called into court to defend a title.

Conservator: someone appointed by a court to assume responsibility for the interests of a minor or incompetent person.

Delinquent: a young offender.

Liquidator: (law) a person (usually appointed by a court of law) who liquidates assets or preserves them for the benefit of affected parties.

Bail: (criminal law) money that must be forfeited by the bondsman if an accused person fails to appear in court for trial.

High Treason: a crime that undermines the offender`s government.

Related Words

Warrant : اختیار نامہ , Jurisprudence : اصول

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