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ارضِ مَرکزی : Arz E Markazi Meaning in English

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Arz E Markazi in Detail

1. Geocentric : ارض مرکزی Arz E Markazi : (adjective) having the earth as the center.

Useful Words

Jesay Shapping ... Chwok Maal : Center : mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers; usually includes restaurants and a convenient parking area; a modern version of the traditional marketplace. "A good plaza should have a movie house"

Dunyawi : Earth : the concerns of this life as distinguished from heaven and the afterlife. "They consider the church to be independent of the world"

Rooh : Center : the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience. "This is the essence of this sacrification"

Markaz : Center : a place where some particular activity is concentrated. "They received messages from several centers"

Markaz Markazi Alaqa : Center : an area that is approximately central within some larger region. "It is in the center of town"

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