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Asinine meaning in Urdu

Asinine Synonyms


Asinine Definitions

1) Asinine, Fatuous, Inane, Mindless, Vacuous : احمق, بیوقوف : (satellite adjective) devoid of intelligence.

Useful Words

Asininity : احمقانہ طور پر , Dork : بیوقوف , A'man : اسرائیلی فوجی ایجنسی , Counterintelligence : دشمن جاسوسوں کے خلاف کاروائی , I.Q. : ذہانت جانچنے کا پیمانہ , Lonely : سنسان , Hardhearted : احساس سے خالی , Gloveless : دستانہ کے بغیر , Vacuous : خالی , Vacuity : خالی , Callosity : سنگدل , Blunt : کھلا , Foolish : بے وقوف , Crassitude : باولا پن , Frigid : سرد مہر , Brainless : احمقانہ , Stupid : کم عقل , Subnormal : زیر نارمل , Changeling : کم عقل , Acuity : تیز فہمی , Intelligence Test : ذہانت جانچنے کا امتحان , Astute : ذی شعور , Brightness : ذہانت , Brainy : ذہین , Cerebral : حکمت بھرا , Abnormal : ناقص , Weak : کمزور , Mental Dexterity : پھرتی , Simple : سادہ , Astuteness : ہوشیاری , Agent-In-Place : خفیہ مخبر

Useful Words Definitions

Asininity: the quality of being asinine; stupidity combined with stubbornness.

Dork: a dull stupid fatuous person.

A'man: the Israeli military intelligence which produces comprehensive national intelligence briefings for the prime minister and the cabinet.

Counterintelligence: intelligence activities concerned with identifying and counteracting the threat to security posed by hostile intelligence organizations or by individuals engaged in espionage or sabotage or subversion or terrorism.

I.Q.: a measure of a person`s intelligence as indicated by an intelligence test; the ratio of a person`s mental age to their chronological age (multiplied by 100).

Lonely: devoid of creatures.

Hardhearted: devoid of feeling for others.

Gloveless: devoid of gloves.

Vacuous: devoid of matter.

Vacuity: a region that is devoid of matter.

Callosity: devoid of passion or feeling; hardheartedness.

Blunt: devoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornment.

Foolish: devoid of good sense or judgment.

Crassitude: the quality of being crass--devoid of refinement.

Frigid: devoid of warmth and cordiality; expressive of unfriendliness or disdain.

Brainless: not using intelligence.

Stupid: lacking intelligence.

Subnormal: a person of less than normal intelligence.

Changeling: a person of subnormal intelligence.

Acuity: a quick and penetrating intelligence.

Intelligence Test: a psychometric test of intelligence.

Astute: marked by practical hardheaded intelligence.

Brightness: intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty.

Brainy: having or marked by unusual and impressive intelligence.

Cerebral: involving intelligence rather than emotions or instinct.

Abnormal: departing from the normal in e.g. intelligence and development.

Weak: deficient in intelligence or mental power.

Mental Dexterity: intelligence as revealed by quickness and alertness of mind.

Simple: a person lacking intelligence or common sense.

Astuteness: intelligence manifested by being astute (as in business dealings).

Agent-In-Place: an operative serving as a penetration into an intelligence target.

بَھتّہ خور