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ہسپتال : Aspataal Meaning in English

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1 of 4) ہسپتال : Hospital : (noun) a medical institution where sick or injured people are given medical or surgical care.


2 of 4) ہسپتال : Lazar House Lazaret Lazarette Lazaretto Pesthouse : (noun) hospital for persons with infectious diseases (especially leprosy).

Related : Infirmary : a health facility where patients receive treatment.

3 of 4) ہسپتال : Hospital Infirmary : (noun) a health facility where patients receive treatment.

Related : Burn Center : a center where patients with severe burns can be treated. Clinic : a healthcare facility for outpatient care. Foundling Hospital : a hospital where foundlings (infant children of unknown parents) are taken in and cared for.

4 of 4) ہسپتال : Health Facility Healthcare Facility Medical Building : (noun) building where medicine is practiced.

Related : Edifice : a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place. Clinic : a healthcare facility for outpatient care. Infirmary : a health facility where patients receive treatment.

Useful Words

دارالاطفال : Creche, Foundling Hospital : a hospital where foundlings (infant children of unknown parents) are taken in and cared for.

اسپتال کا ملازم : Hospital Attendant, Orderly : a male hospital attendant who has general duties that do not involve the medical treatment of patients. "I need hospital attendant for two days".

ہسپتال کا بستر : Hospital Bed : a single bed with a frame in three sections so the head or middle or foot can be raised as required.

ہسپتال میں داخلہ : Hospital Care, Hospitalisation, Hospitalization : placing in medical care in a hospital. "He is doing well after hospitalization".

ہسپتال کا راہب : Hospital Chaplain : a chaplain in a hospital. "Hospital chaplain may conduct religious services in the hospital".

ہسپتال میں داخلے کی شرح : Hospital Occupancy : occupancy rate for hospitals. "Compare hospital occupancy rates with other core public services".

ہسپتال کا کمرہ : Hospital Room : a room in a hospital for the care of patients. "Book a private hospital room".

بحری ہسپتال : Hospital Ship : a ship built to serve as a hospital; used for wounded in wartime.

زخمی فوجیوں کی ٹرین : Hospital Train : a military train built to transport wounded troops to a hospital. "Hospital train is leaving".

اسپتال کا کمرہ : Hospital Ward, Ward : block forming a division of a hospital (or a suite of rooms) shared by patients who need a similar kind of care. "They put her in a 4-bed ward".

قید : Commitment, Committal, Consignment : the official act of consigning a person to confinement (as in a prison or mental hospital). "His doctor sees no need for committal in the hospital".

دیہاتی علاقہ کا ڈاکٹر : Country Doctor : a doctor who practices in the country (rather than in a city) usually remote from a modern hospital. "Do country doctors still make house calls?".

ایمرجنسی روم : Emergency Room, Er : a room in a hospital or clinic staffed and equipped to provide emergency care to persons requiring immediate medical treatment.

غیر مقامی ڈاکٹر : Extern, Medical Extern : a nonresident doctor or medical student; connected with a hospital but not living there.

ہسپتال میں داخل کرنا : Hospitalise, Hospitalize : admit into a hospital. "Mother had to be hospitalized because her blood pressure was too high".

ہسپتال میں قیام : Hospitalization : a period of time when you are confined to a hospital. "Now they try to shorten the patient`s hospitalization".

فزیشن : House Physician, Resident, Resident Physician : a physician (especially an intern) who lives in a hospital and cares for hospitalized patients under the supervision of the medical staff of the hospital. "The resident was receiving special clinical training at the hospital".

ہسپتال میں داخل مریض : Inmate, Inpatient : a patient who is residing in the hospital where he is being treated.

ایک مریض جو تین دن تک ہسپتال میں پڑا ہے اور اس کو کچھ نہیں ہے : Nosocomial : taking place or originating in a hospital. "Nosocomial infection".

آپریشن کا کمرہ : Operating Room, Operating Theater, Operating Theatre, Or, Surgery : a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations. "Great care is taken to keep the operating rooms aseptic".

غیر رہائشی مریض : Outpatient : a patient who does not reside in the hospital where he is being treated.

کمرہ بحالی صحت : Recovery Room : a hospital room for the care of patients immediately after surgery.

ایسا ہسپتال جہاں معزوروں ظعیفوں یا مزمن بیماریوں کا علاج اور دیکھ بھال کی جاتی ہے : Sanatarium, Sanatorium, Sanitarium : a hospital for recuperation or for the treatment of chronic diseases.

دواخانہ : Dispensary : clinic where medicine and medical supplies are dispensed. "Find out nereby dispensary".

جس کا علاج نہ کیا گیا ہو : Untreated : not given medical care or treatment. "An untreated disease".

بڑی نرس : Head Nurse : the person in charge of nursing in a medical institution. "A head nurse might be in charge of all nursing in the emergency room".

نرسوں کی منتظمہ : Matron : a woman in charge of nursing in a medical institution.

بچوں کے امراض اور ان کی حفاظت سے متعلق : Paediatric, Pediatric : of or relating to the medical care of children. "Pediatric dentist".

بیمار : Patient : a person who requires medical care. "Army doctors begin attending patients in Rawalpindi".

علم تابکاری : Radiology : the branch of medical science dealing with the medical use of X-rays or other penetrating radiation.

مرگ ہسپتال : Hospice : a program of medical and emotional care for the terminally ill. "Hospice is designed to provide comfort and support to dying patients".

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