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Assay meaning in Urdu

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They made an assay of the contents.

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Assay in Detail

1 of 3) Assay, Check : جانچ پڑتال, جانچ : (noun) an appraisal of the state of affairs.

Related : Assessment : the classification of someone or something with respect to its worth.


2 of 3) Assay : پرکھ : (verb) analyze (chemical substances).

Related : Study : consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning.

3 of 3) Assay, Attempt, Essay, Seek, Try : کوشش کرنا : (verb) make an effort or attempt.

Related : Move : perform an action, or work out or perform (an action). Have A Go : make an attempt at something. Grope : search blindly or uncertainly.

Useful Words

Assay-Mark, Authentication, Hallmark : توثیق : a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity. "Authentication mark".

Evaluation, Rating, Valuation : درجہ : an appraisal of the value of something. "They set a high valuation on friendship".

Reappraisal, Reassessment, Revaluation, Review : دوبارہ جانچ : a new appraisal or evaluation.

Acid Test : کڑی جانچ : a rigorous or crucial appraisal.

Status Quo : صورت حال : the existing state of affairs. "The current status quo not satisfactory".

Pass, Strait, Straits : سخت مشکلات میں گہرا ہوا : a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs.

As It Is : جیسا کے : in the actual state of affairs and often contrary to expectations. "He might have been killed; as it is he was severely injured".

Claim, Exact, Take : کچھ برا ہوجانا : take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs. "The accident claimed three lives".

Inform : اطلاع دینا : impart knowledge of some fact, state or affairs, or event to. "I informed him of his rights".

Governmental : حکومتی : relating to or dealing with the affairs or structure of government or politics or the state. "Governmental policy".

Disestablishment : خاتمہ انتظام : the act terminating an established state of affairs; especially ending a connection with the Church of England.

Certified Check, Certified Cheque : مصدقہ چیک : a check containing certification that the person who issued the check has sufficient funds on deposit to cover payment.

Administration, Disposal : انتظام : a method of tending to or managing the affairs of a some group of people (especially the group`s business affairs). "Disposal of fixed assets".

Pix, Pix Chest, Pyx, Pyx Chest : سکے دان : a chest in which coins from the mint are held to await assay.

Composition, Paper, Report, Theme : تصنیف : an essay (especially one written as an assignment). "He got an A on his composition".

Memoir : عالمانہ مضمون : an essay on a scientific or scholarly topic.

End, Goal : منزل مقصود : the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved) terminates behavior intended to achieve it. "The ends justify the means".

Critical Review, Critique, Review, Review Article : تبصرہ : an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play).

Foreword, Preface, Prolusion : تمہید : a short introductory essay preceding the text of a book.

Dampen : روکنا : check; keep in check (a fire).

Countercheck : دوسرے طریقے سے جانچ پڑتال کرنا : a check that restrains another check. "There is the need of countercheck".

Michel Eyquem Montaigne, Michel Montaigne, Montaigne : فرانسیسی مصنف : French writer regarded as the originator of the modern essay (1533-1592).

Bid, Play : حاصل کرنے کی کوشش : an attempt to get something. "They made a futile play for power".

Give It A Try, Have A Go : کوشش کرنا : make an attempt at something. "I never sat on a horse before but I`ll give it a go".

Goad, Goading, Prod, Prodding, Spur, Spurring, Urging : اکسانے والی بات : a verbalization that encourages you to attempt something. "The ceaseless prodding got on his nerves".

Battle, Struggle : جدوجہد : an energetic attempt to achieve something. "If you like this girl, keep struggling One day you will get her".

Endeavor, Endeavour, Strive : جدوجہد کرنا : attempt by employing effort. "This world is only a deception, strive for hereafter".

Goal : کھیل کا گول : a successful attempt at scoring. "He (Mario Gotze) scores a final goal".

Go For, Try For : کوئی چیز پانے کی کوشش کرنا : make an attempt at achieving something. "She tried for the Olympics".

Nisus, Pains, Strain, Striving : کوشش : an effortful attempt to attain a goal.

Blatant, Blazing, Conspicuous : کھلم کھلا : without any attempt at concealment; completely obvious. "Blatant act of war crime".

Assay in Book Titles

Assay Development: Fundamentals and Practices.
Immunogenicity assay development, validation and implementation.
Handbook of Assay Development in Drug Discovery.
Theory and application of Microbiological Assay.

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