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Asseveration   Meaning in Urdu

1. Asseveration - Assertion - Averment : دعوی - اقرار واثق : (noun) a declaration that is made emphatically (as if no supporting evidence were necessary).

Claim - an assertion of a right (as to money or property).

Useful Words

Contract - Declaration : ٹھیکہ : (contract bridge) the highest bid becomes the contract setting the number of tricks that the bidder must make. "The contract costs four billion"

By All Odds - Decidedly - Definitely - Emphatically - In Spades - Unquestionably : بے شک : without question and beyond doubt. "It was decidedly too expensive"

Attest - Certify - Demonstrate - Evidence - Manifest : تصدیق کرنا : provide evidence for; stand as proof of; show by one`s behavior, attitude, or external attributes. "His high fever attested to his illness"

If : اگر : On the condition that. "Even if it fell off"

Made : بنایا ہوا : produced by a manufacturing process. "Bought some made goods at the local store; rope and nails"

Necessary : ضروری : absolutely essential.

No : انکار : a negative. "No buddy"

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