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Assimilating meaning in Urdu

Assimilating Synonyms

Assimilating Definitions

1) Assimilating, Assimilative, Assimilatory : انجزابی : (satellite adjective) capable of taking (gas, light, or liquids) into a solution.


Useful Words

Acculturation : تصور سے حقیقت , Liquid Measure : مائع چیز کو ناپنے کا پیمانہ , Reflective : عکس انداز , Solute : گھلا ہوا مادہ , Running Light : پہلو سے آنے والی روشنی , Computer Virus : نقصان پہنچانے والا کمپیوٹر پروگرام , Palpable : چھو کر محسوس کرنے کے قابل , Drink : پینا , Retractile : سمٹ جانے والا , Juice : رس , Cloudy : گدلا , Drinker : پینے والا , Cooler : ٹھنڈا کرنے والا , Spout : ٹونٹی , Drinking Glass : گلاس , Bottle : بوتل میں رکھنا , Eddy : گردش کرنا , Line : زمین میں ڈالی جانے والی وغیرہ , Adsorb : جذب کرنا , Barrel : ڈرم , Impermeable : نفوذ ناپذیر , Dehydrate : پانی خشک کرنا , Flow : بہاو , Skimmer : ایک قسم کا بڑا چھنی نما چمچہ , Dark-Field Microscope : جدید خوردبین , Searchlight : سرچ لائٹ , Tub : کڑاہی , Storage Tank : ٹنکی , Stagnancy : سکون , Basin : پیالا , Spongelike : نرم اور مسام دار

Useful Words Definitions

Acculturation: the process of assimilating new ideas into an existing cognitive structure.

Liquid Measure: a unit of capacity for liquids (for measuring the volumes of liquids or their containers).

Reflective: capable of physically reflecting light or sound.

Solute: the dissolved matter in a solution; the component of a solution that changes its state.

Running Light: light carried by a boat that indicates the boat's direction; vessels at night carry a red light on the port bow and a green light on the starboard bow.

Computer Virus: a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer.

Palpable: capable of being perceived; especially capable of being handled or touched or felt.

Drink: take in liquids.

Retractile: capable of retraction; capable of being drawn back.

Juice: any of several liquids of the body.

Cloudy: (of liquids) clouded as with sediment.

Drinker: a person who drinks liquids.

Cooler: a refrigerator for cooling liquids.

Spout: an opening that allows the passage of liquids or grain.

Drinking Glass: a container for holding liquids while drinking.

Bottle: store (liquids or gases) in bottles.

Eddy: flow in a circular current, of liquids.

Line: a pipe used to transport liquids or gases.

Adsorb: accumulate (liquids or gases) on the surface.

Barrel: a cylindrical container that holds liquids.

Impermeable: preventing especially liquids to pass or diffuse through.

Dehydrate: preserve by removing all water and liquids from.

Flow: the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases).

Skimmer: a cooking utensil used to skim fat from the surface of liquids.

Dark-Field Microscope: light microscope that uses scattered light to show particles too small to see with ordinary microscopes.

Searchlight: a light source with reflectors that projects a beam of light in a particular direction.

Tub: a large open vessel for holding or storing liquids.

Storage Tank: a large (usually metallic) vessel for holding gases or liquids.

Stagnancy: inactivity of liquids; being stagnant; standing still; without current or circulation.

Basin: a bowl-shaped vessel; usually used for holding food or liquids.

Spongelike: like a sponge in being able to absorb liquids and yield it back when compressed.

Related Words

Absorbent : جذب کر لینے والا

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