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Athletic Field meaning in Urdu

Athletic Field Synonyms


Athletic Field Definitions

1) Athletic Field, Field, Playing Area, Playing Field : کھیل کا میدان, کھیل کا میدان : (noun) a piece of land prepared for playing a game.

Useful Words

Offside : فٹ بال اور دوسرے کھیلوں کا ایک اصول , Outfield : بلے بازی کا میدان , Arena : اکھاڑا , Goal Line : گول کی لکیر , Gloss : کتاب کے مشکل الفاظ کی فہرست , Afield : میدان جنگ میں , Narrow : کا ماہر ہونا , Action : خاص کام , Polo : ہاکی نما گہوڑوں پر کھیلا جانے والا کھیل , Field Hockey : ہاکی کھیل , Kickoff : کھیل کا آغاز , Quoit : نشانہ باز چکی , Go Out : محاز پر جانا , Beginner : اناڑی , Card Game : پتے بازی , Excite : متحرک کرنا , Ace : انتہائی ماہر , Wheat Field : جس جگہ گندم لگائی گئی ہو , Initiate : ماہر , Left Fielder : میدان کے بائیں حصے کا کھلاڑی , Track Meet : کھیلوں کا مقابلہ , Acheta : جھینگر , Campus : یونیورسٹی کا رقبہ , Textile Designing : کپڑا سے متعلق چیزوں کی ڈزائنیگ , Lawn : چمن , Chess Piece : مہرہ , Holdout : پتے چھپا کر رکھنا , Jackstraw : چوبک گیری , Paddy : چاول کی فصل , Consultancy : مشورہ دینے کا عمل , Arc : اسپارک

Useful Words Definitions

Offside: (sport) the mistake of occupying an illegal position on the playing field (in football, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, etc.).

Outfield: the area of a baseball playing field beyond the lines connecting the bases.

Arena: a playing field where sports events take place.

Goal Line: a line marking each end of the playing field or pitch; where the goals stand.

Gloss: an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge; usually published as an appendix to a text on that field.

Afield: in or into a field (especially a field of battle).

Narrow: become more focus on an area of activity or field of study.

Action: the most important or interesting work or activity in a specific area or field.

Polo: a game similar to field hockey but played on horseback using long-handled mallets and a wooden ball.

Field Hockey: a game resembling ice hockey that is played on an open field; two opposing teams use curved sticks try to drive a ball into the opponents` net.

Kickoff: (football) a kick from the center of the field to start a football game or to resume it after a score.

Quoit: game equipment consisting of a ring of iron or circle of rope used in playing the game of quoits.

Go Out: take the field.

Beginner: someone new to a field or activity.

Card Game: a game played with playing cards.

Excite: produce a magnetic field in.

Ace: someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field.

Wheat Field: a field planted with wheat.

Initiate: someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field.

Left Fielder: the person who plays left field.

Track Meet: a track and field competition between two or more teams.

Acheta: common house and field crickets.

Campus: a field on which the buildings of a university are situated.

Textile Designing: a field where textile products are designed.

Lawn: a field of cultivated and mowed grass.

Chess Piece: any of 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game of chess.

Holdout: the act of hiding playing cards in a gambling game so they are available for personal use later.

Jackstraw: a thin strip of wood used in playing the game of jackstraws.

Paddy: an irrigated or flooded field where rice is grown.

Consultancy: the practice of giving expert advice within a particular field.

Arc: electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field.

Related Words

Court : کھیلنے کی جگہ , Arena : کھیل کا میدان , Parcel : زمین کا قطعہ

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