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1) Attainder, Civil Death : تمام شہری حقوق سے محروم شخص : (noun) the legal status of a person who is alive but who has been deprived of the rights and privileges of a citizen or a member of society; the legal status of one sentenced to life imprisonment.


Useful Words

Citizenship : شہریت , Judicial Proceeding : مقدمہ لڑنے کا عمل , Elector : انتخاب کرنے والا , Jural : قانون کے حقوق و فرائض سے متعلق , Jurist : ماہر قانون , Bottom Dog : گرا ہوا انسان , Pleading : فریق مقدمہ کا بیان , Deed : دستاویز انتقال , Solicitor : درخواست گزار , Act : قانون , Bill Of Indictment : کسی شخص کے خلاف الزام , Civilisation : تمدن , Mesalliance : اپنے سے کم درجے کے شخص سے شادی کرنا , Adoption : گود لینے کا عمل , Arriviste : نیا نیا امیر شخص , Nuisance : قانون کے مطابق مضر یا نقصان دہ , Party : فریق , Intra Vires : دائرہ اختیارمیں , Ultra Vires : دائرہ اختیارسے باہر , Testament : وصیت , Legal Guardian : متولی , Attorney : وکیل , Bill Of Rights : حقوق نامہ , Disenfranchised : حق راۓ دہی سے محروم , Bail : ضمانت کے طور پر رقم طے کرکے ملزم کو عارضی طور پر رہا کرا لینا , Be : زندہ رہنا , Lifer : عمر قید کا قیدی , Womanhood : عورت ہونا , Face : دوسروں کی نظر میں عزت و مقام , Peer Group : یکساں درجے والے , Championship : اعزاز

Useful Words Definitions

Citizenship: the status of a citizen with rights and duties.

Judicial Proceeding: a legal proceeding in a court; a judicial contest to determine and enforce legal rights.

Elector: a citizen who has a legal right to vote.

Jural: of or relating to law or to legal rights and obligations.

Jurist: a legal scholar versed in civil law or the law of nations.

Bottom Dog: a person of low status.

Pleading: (law) a statement in legal and logical form stating something on behalf of a party to a legal proceeding.

Deed: a legal document signed and sealed and delivered to effect a transfer of property and to show the legal right to possess it.

Solicitor: a British lawyer who gives legal advice and prepares legal documents.

Act: a legal document codifying the result of deliberations of a committee or society or legislative body.

Bill Of Indictment: a formal accusation, typically in a legal context, that charges an individual with a crime. It signifies the initiation of a legal process against the accused.

Civilisation: a society in an advanced state of social development (e.g., with complex legal and political and religious organizations).

Mesalliance: a marriage with a person of inferior social status.

Adoption: a legal proceeding that creates a parent-child relation between persons not related by blood; the adopted child is entitled to all privileges belonging to a natural child of the adoptive parents (including the right to inherit).

Arriviste: a person who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class.

Nuisance: (law) a broad legal concept including anything that disturbs the reasonable use of your property or endangers life and health or is offensive.

Party: a person involved in legal proceedings.

Intra Vires: within the legal power or authority or a person or official or body etc.

Ultra Vires: beyond the legal power or authority of a person or official or body etc.

Testament: a legal document declaring a person`s wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die.

Legal Guardian: a person (or institution) to whom legal title to property is entrusted to use for another`s benefit.

Attorney: a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice.

Bill Of Rights: a statement of fundamental rights and privileges (especially the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution).

Disenfranchised: deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote.

Bail: the legal system that allows an accused person to be temporarily released from custody (usually on condition that a sum of money guarantees their appearance at trial).

Be: have life, be alive.

Lifer: a prisoner serving a term of life imprisonment.

Womanhood: the status of a woman.

Face: status in the eyes of others.

Peer Group: contemporaries of the same status.

Championship: the status of being a champion.

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