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Attentive meaning in Urdu

Attentive Sentence

Attentive to details.

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Attentive in Detail

1 of 2) Attentive : خیال رکھنے والا : (adjective) (often followed by `to') giving care or attention.

The nurse was attentive to her patient.
An attentive suitor.

Related : Wrapped : giving or marked by complete attention to. Heedful : giving attention. Observant : paying close attention especially to details.

2 of 2) Attentive, Heedful, Paying Attention, Thoughtful : توجہ دینے والا : (adjective) taking heed; giving close and thoughtful attention.

Related : Regard : paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people).

Useful Words

Attending, Attention : توجہ : the process whereby a person concentrates on some features of the environment to the (relative) exclusion of others. "Attention please".

Care : پروا کرنا : feel concern or interest. "I have always cared for you that is why I love you even after your divorce".

Close, Near, Nigh : قریب : near in time or place or relationship. "Near here".

Big, Bighearted, Bounteous, Bountiful, Freehanded, Giving, Handsome, Liberal, Openhanded : فراخ دل : given or giving freely. "Was a big tipper".

Heed, Listen, Mind : توجہ دینا : pay close attention to; give heed to. "He does not heed".

Frequently, Oft, Often, Oftentimes, Ofttimes : اکثر : many times at short intervals. "As often happens".

Fetching, Taking, Winning : پر کشش : very attractive; capturing interest. "A fetching new hairstyle".

Thoughtful : غور و فکر کے ساتھ : exhibiting or characterized by careful thought. "A thoughtful paper".

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