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عورت کا شادی سے پہلے والا نام : Aurat Ka Shadi Se Pehle Wala Naam Meaning in English

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Aurat Ka Shadi Se Pehle Wala Naam in Detail

1) عورت کا شادی سے پہلے والا نام : Maiden Name : (noun) a woman`s surname before marriage.

Related : Surname : the name used to identify the members of a family (as distinguished from each member`s given name).

Useful Words

کنواری لڑکی : Maid, Maiden : an unmarried girl (especially a virgin).

شرمیلی : Maidenlike, Maidenly : befitting or characteristic of a maiden. "A maidenly blush".

کنوار پنے کا رویہ : Maidenliness : behavior befitting a young maiden.

محبت : Courting, Courtship, Suit, Wooing : a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage). "Its was a brief and intense courtship".

شوہر : Hubby, Husband, Married Man : a married man; a woman`s partner in marriage. "A henpecked husband".

دلہن : Bride : a woman participant in her own marriage ceremony. "How did the bride look?".

بیوی : Married Woman, Wife : a married woman; a man`s partner in marriage. "I wish you were my wife".

جہیز : Dower, Dowery, Dowry, Portion : money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage. "She brought three gold sets in her dowry".

پسند کی شادی : Love Match : a marriage for love`s sake; not an arranged marriage. "We have love match".

عورتوں کا : Feminine, Womanly : befitting or characteristic of a woman especially a mature woman. "Womanly virtues of gentleness and compassion".

مطلقہ : Divorcee, Grass Widow : a divorced woman or a woman who is separated from her husband. "My friend married a divorcee".

شادی کرنا : Conjoin, Espouse, Get Hitched With, Get Married, Hook Up With, Marry, Wed : take someone in marriage . "Get hitched with your favorite person".

شادی شدہ : Wed, Wedded : having been taken in marriage. "A wedded couple".

رشتے کی پیشکش : Marriage Offer, Marriage Proposal, Proposal, Proposal Of Marriage : an offer of marriage. "You have got a marriage proposal".

سسرال والے : In-Law, Relative-In-Law : a relative by marriage. "My in-laws are so nice".

قرابت دار بوجہ شادی : Affine : (anthropology) kin by marriage.

منگنی کرنا : Affiance, Betroth, Engage, Plight : give to in marriage. "Don`t follow that girl as she is already engaged, you might get into trouble".

شادی سے نفرت : Misogamy : hatred of marriage.

سوتیلا بیٹا : Stepson : the son your spouse by a former marriage.

بے جوڑی کا : Mateless : of someone who has no marriage partner.

بہنوئی : Brother-In-Law : a brother by marriage. "This is my brother-in-law".

تنسیخ نکاح : Dissolution Of Marriage : an annulment of a marriage.

دولہا : Bridegroom, Groom : a man participant in his own marriage ceremony. "The groom looks handsome".

شادی سے متعلق : Hymeneal : of or relating to a wedding or marriage. "Hymeneal rites".

طلاق : Divorce, Divorcement : the legal dissolution of a marriage. "He divorced me".

ہم سفر : Better Half, Married Person, Mate, Partner, Spouse : a person`s partner in marriage. "May Allah give you a pious spouse as you are a man of good character".

شادی سے نفرت کرنے والا : Misogamist : a person who hates marriage. "Unfortunately she has a misogamist boy friend".

شادی کے بعد پیش آنے والا : Postnuptial : relating to events after a marriage.

ایسی شادی جو کسی قسم کے مالی یا اور فوائد کی خاطر کی گئی ہو : Marriage Of Convenience : a marriage for expediency rather than love.

شادی سے متعلق : Affinal, Affine : (anthropology) related by marriage. "Affinal relationship".

ازدواجی : Marital, Married, Matrimonial : of or relating to the state of marriage. "Marital status".

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