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عَورَت : Aurat Meaning in English

Aurat Sentences

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Aurat in Detail

1 of 4) عورت ناری زن : Adult Female Woman : (noun) an adult female person (as opposed to a man).

Related : Woman's Body : the body of an adult woman. Eve : (Old Testament) Adam`s wife in Judeo-Christian mythology: the first woman and mother of the human race; God created Eve from Adam`s rib and placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Grownup : a fully developed person from maturity onward.

2 of 4) مونث عورت : Female Female Person : (noun) a person who belongs to the sex that can have babies.

Related : Soul : a human being. Little Girl : a youthful female person. Foster-Sister : your foster sister is a female who is not a daughter of your parents but who is raised by your parents.

3 of 4) بی بی خاتون عورت : Lady : (noun) a polite name for any woman.

Related : Begum : a Muslim woman of high rank in India or Pakistan. Woman : an adult female person (as opposed to a man).

4 of 4) عورت لڑکی : Female : (satellite adjective) for or pertaining to or composed of women or girls.

Useful Words

برقی آلہ سے چلنے والا جسم : Bionic Man, Bionic Woman, Cyborg : a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices. "A cyborg is a cybernetic organism".

ماسی : Char, Charwoman, Cleaning Lady, Cleaning Woman, Woman : a human female employed to do housework. "The charwoman will clean the carpet".

بزرگ عورت : Holy Woman : female person of exceptional holiness.

حاملہ بیوی : Honest Woman : a wife who has married a man with whom she has been living for some time (especially if she is pregnant at the time). "He made an honest woman of her".

زانیہ : Adulteress, Fornicatress, Hussy, Jade, Loose Woman, Slut, Strumpet, Trollop : a woman adulterer. "She is a very fame adulteress of France".

بیوی : Married Woman, Wife : a married woman; a man`s partner in marriage. "I wish you were my wife".

بوڑھی عورت : Old Woman : a woman who is old.

پھوہڑ عورت : Slattern, Slovenly Woman, Slut, Trollop : a dirty untidy woman. "One of the most hideous sights is a slovenly woman at the breakfast-table".

بیوہ : Widow, Widow Woman : a woman whose husband is dead especially one who has not remarried.

عورت سے نفرت کرنے والا : Misogynist, Woman Hater : a misanthrope who dislikes women in particular. "He was a misogynist".

گھریلو بیوی : Homemaker, Housewife, Lady Of The House, Woman Of The House : a wife who manages a household while her husband earns the family income. "He wants woman of the house".

عورت کا جسم : Adult Female Body, Woman's Body : the body of an adult woman.

عورت کا لباس : Woman's Clothing : clothing that is designed for women to wear. "Woman`s clothing is over there".

ماہر امراض نسواں : Gynaecologist, Gynecologist, Woman's Doctor : a specialist in gynecology. "It is important for every woman to visit her gynecologist regularly".

وہ عورت جو گھر اور باہر دونوں میدانوں میں کامیاب ہو : Wonder Woman : a woman who can be a successful wife and have a professional career at the same time. "She is a wonder woman".

لڑکی : Fille, Girl, Miss, Missy, Young Lady, Young Woman : a young woman. "Hey missy you`re so fine".

بچے کی پیدائش پر مدد کرنے والی عورت : Accoucheuse, Midwife : a woman skilled in aiding the delivery of babies. "Midwife in delivery room".

لڑکیوں کا شیدائی : Admirer, Adorer : someone who admires a young woman. "She had many admirers".

آدمی : Adult Male, Man : an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman). "Be a man".

مہم جو عورت : Adventuress : a woman adventurer.

بچے کی پیدائش کے بعد ہونے والا درد : Afterpains : pains felt by a woman after her baby is born; associated with contractions of the uterus.

ہوائی خدمت گزار عورت : Air Hostess, Hostess, Stewardess : a woman steward on an airplane. "Air hostess average salary in Pakistan is between 50000 to 200000 almost".

ہوا باز خاتون : Airwoman, Aviatress, Aviatrix : a woman aviator. "She is an aviatrix".

دوسروں کے بچوں کو اجرت پر دودھ پلانے والی : Amah, Wet Nurse, Wet-Nurse, Wetnurse : a woman hired to suckle a child of someone else. "Can you afford wet nurse to feed your baby?".

جنگجو عورت : Amazon, Virago : a large strong and aggressive woman.

خاتون سفیر : Ambassadress : a woman ambassador.

دادی پر دادی : Ancestress : a woman ancestor.

برطانوی سیاست دان : Astor, Nancy Witcher Astor, Viscountess Astor : British politician (born in the United States) who was the first woman to sit in the British House of Commons (1879-1964).

مصنفہ : Authoress : a woman author.

روسی ضعیف عورت کے سر کا رومال : Babushka : a woman's headscarf folded into a triangle and tied under the chin; worn by Russian peasant women.

کنواری لڑکی : Bachelor Girl, Bachelorette : a young unmarried woman who lives alone. "Bachelor girl in flat".

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