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Aureate meaning in Urdu

Aureate Sentence

Long aureate (or golden) hair.

Aureate Synonyms


Aureate Definitions

1 of 2) Aureate, Flamboyant, Florid : زریں : (satellite adjective) elaborately or excessively ornamented.

2 of 2) Aureate, Gilded, Gilt, Gold, Golden : سنہری, سونے کا : (satellite adjective) having the deep slightly brownish color of gold.

Useful Words

Charlatan : بہروپیا , Elaborateness : الجھی ہوئی چیز , Ornamentation : خوشنما بنانے کا عمل , Bamboozle : چکمہ دینا , Chinoiserie : چینی آرٹ , Fancy : خوش اسلوب , Baldric : میان , Baldachin : شامیانہ , Corpulent : موٹا , Hard : بہت زیادہ , Didactic : معلمانہ , Assuming : گستاخ , Overfatigue : حد سے زیادہ تھکن , Superabundant : ضرورت سے زیادہ بافراط , Overproud : حد سے زیادہ مغرور ہونے کی حالت , Hasty : جلد بازی سے , Overabundant : انتہائی بھرا ہوا , Overstock : سرمایہ یا مال حد سے زیادہ ہونا , Lugubrious : رنجیدہ , Holier-Than-Thou : منافقانہ , Fret : بلا وجہ پریشان ہونا , Repletion : منڈ کے کھانا , Rapacious : لالچ , Abused : کسی چیز کی زیادتی , Hit It Up : زیادہ پی لینا , Inquisitor : پوچھنے والا , Avid : حریص , Parsimonious : بخیل , Abuse : غلط استعمال , Lavishness : پر تعیش , Stodgy : اکتا دینے والی

Useful Words Definitions

Charlatan: a flamboyant deceiver; one who attracts customers with tricks or jokes.

Elaborateness: marked by elaborately complex detail.

Ornamentation: the state of being ornamented.

Bamboozle: conceal one`s true motives from especially by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end.

Chinoiserie: a style in art reflecting Chinese influence; elaborately decorated and intricately patterned.

Fancy: not plain; decorative or ornamented.

Baldric: a wide (ornamented) belt worn over the right shoulder to support a sword or bugle by the left hip.

Baldachin: ornamented canopy supported by columns or suspended from a roof or projected from a wall (as over an altar).

Corpulent: excessively fat.

Hard: indulging excessively.

Didactic: instructive (especially excessively).

Assuming: excessively forward.

Overfatigue: tire excessively.

Superabundant: most excessively abundant.

Overproud: excessively proud.

Hasty: excessively quick.

Overabundant: excessively abundant.

Overstock: stock excessively.

Lugubrious: excessively mournful.

Holier-Than-Thou: excessively or hypocritically pious.

Fret: worry unnecessarily or excessively.

Repletion: eating until excessively full.

Rapacious: excessively greedy and grasping.

Abused: used improperly or excessively especially drugs.

Hit It Up: become drunk or drink excessively.

Inquisitor: a questioner who is excessively harsh.

Avid: (often followed by `for`) ardently or excessively desirous.

Parsimonious: excessively unwilling to spend.

Abuse: use wrongly or improperly or excessively.

Lavishness: the quality possessed by something that is excessively expensive.

Stodgy: excessively conventional and unimaginative and hence dull.

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Aureate Portraiture.

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