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1) Authenticity, Genuineness, Legitimacy : کھرا پن, صداقت, جواز : (noun) undisputed credibility.

Related : Credibleness : the quality of being believable or trustworthy.

Useful Words

Likely : قابل اعتماد : within the realm of credibility. "Not a very likely excuse".

Spuriousness : دوغلا پن : state of lacking genuineness.

Attestant, Attester : تصدیق کرنے والا : someone who affirms or vouches for the correctness or truth or genuineness of something.

Unreal : خیالی : lacking in reality or substance or genuineness; not corresponding to acknowledged facts or criteria. "Ghosts and other unreal entities".

Authentication, Certification : تصدیق : validating the authenticity of something or someone.

Apocryphal : غیر مستند : being of questionable authenticity. "An apocryphal book".

Authenticate : تصدیق کرنا : establish the authenticity of something.

Assay-Mark, Authentication, Hallmark : توثیق : a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity. "Authentication mark".

Appraiser, Authenticator : تصدیق کنندہ : someone who determines authenticity (as of works of art) or who guarantees validity. "She was only an authenticator in government office".

Seal : مہر : a stamp affixed to a document (as to attest to its authenticity or to seal it). "The warrant bore the sheriff's seal".

Attestant, Attestator, Attestor, Witness : تصدیق کنندہ : (law) a person who attests to the genuineness of a document or signature by adding their own signature. "He was an attestor".

Bibliotics : کتاب شناسی : the scientific study of documents and handwriting etc. especially to determine authorship or authenticity.

Cosigner : شریک دستخط کنندہ : a signer in addition to the principal signer (to verify the authenticity of the principal signature or to provide surety). "Cosigner late payment".

Believability, Credibility, Credibleness : اعتبار : the quality of being believable or trustworthy. "Credibility of witness".

Unchallenged, Undisputed, Unquestioned : ناقابل اختلاف : generally agreed upon; not subject to dispute. "The undisputed fact".

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