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Autocratic   Meaning in Urdu

1. Autocratic - Bossy - Dominating - High-And-Mighty - Magisterial - Peremptory : آمرانہ - مطلق العنان : offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power.

An autocratic person.
Autocratic behavior.

Domineering - tending to domineer.

2. Autocratic - Authoritarian - Despotic - Dictatorial - Tyrannic - Tyrannical : آمرانہ - استبدادی : characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule; having absolute sovereignty.

Autocratic government.

Undemocratic - not in agreement with or according to democratic doctrine or practice or ideals.

Autocratic in Book Titles

Autocratic Tradition and Chinese Politics.
Autocratic and Democratic External Influences in Post-Soviet Eurasia.
Justifying Dictatorship: Studies in Autocratic Legitimation.

Useful Words

Absolute : مطلق : something that is conceived or that exists independently and not in relation to other things; something that does not depend on anything else and is beyond human control; something that is not relative. "No mortal being can influence the absolute"

Assured : یقینی : characterized by certainty or security. "A tiny but assured income"

Characteristic - Feature : خصوصیت : a prominent attribute or aspect of something. "The map showed roads and other features"

Exercise - Exercising - Physical Exercise - Physical Exertion - Workout : جسمانی ورزش : the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit. "The doctor recommended regular exercise"

Given - Precondition - Presumption : مفروضہ : an assumption that is taken for granted.

Offensively : جارحانہ طریقے سے : in an unpleasantly offensive manner. "He smelled offensively unwashed"

Ability - Power : قابلیت : possession of the qualities (especially mental qualities) required to do something or get something done. "Danger heightened his powers of discrimination"

Regulation - Rule : ہدایت : a principle or condition that customarily governs behavior. "It was his rule to take a walk before breakfast"

Ruler - Swayer : حاکم : a person who rules or commands. "Swayer of the universe"

Self : اپنی ذات : (used as a combining form) relating to--of or by or to or from or for--the self. "Self-knowledge"

Reign - Sovereignty : راج : royal authority; the dominion of a monarch.

Indefensible - Insupportable - Unjustifiable - Unwarrantable - Unwarranted : ناجائز : incapable of being justified or explained.

Commonly - Normally - Ordinarily - Unremarkably - Usually : عام طور پر : under normal conditions. "Usually she was late"

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