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Autotype meaning in Urdu

Autotype Synonym

Autotype Definitions

1) Autotype, Facsimile : ہو بہو نقل کرنا : (noun) an exact copy or reproduction.


Useful Words

Agamic : افزائشی خلیہ , Back Up : نقل بنانا , Facsimile : فیکس پہنچانا , Identical : ایک جیسا , Inaccurate : غیر درست , Inexact : غیر صحیح , Identicalness : یکسانیت , Middlemost : اوسط ترین , Approximate : تقریباً , Exactitude : مطابقت , Antithesis : متضاد , Compel : مجبور ہونا , Ratiocinative : استنباطی , Letter-Perfect : لفظ بلفظ درست , Precise : بلکل ٹھیک , Disciplinarian : سخت نظم و ضبط کا قائل , Hectograph : نقل بنانا , Counterpart : نقل , Stop Watch : روک گھڑی , Metronome : تال ترازو , Hi-Fi : آواز کی اعلی تجدید , Castrate : ہجڑا , Agamogenesis : بے ملاپ افزائش , Clone : نقل , Counterfeit : نقلی , Duplicate : کاپی تیار کرنا , Reproduce : نقل بنانا , Prompt Copy : ڈرامے کا نسخہ , Replica : نقل , Reflex Camera : انعکاسی کیمرہ , Dictation : املا

Useful Words Definitions

Agamic: (of reproduction) not involving the fusion of male and female gametes in reproduction.

Back Up: make a copy of (a computer file) especially for storage in another place as a security copy.

Facsimile: send something via a facsimile machine.

Identical: being the exact same one; not any other:.

Inaccurate: not exact.

Inexact: not exact.

Identicalness: exact sameness.

Middlemost: being in the exact middle.

Approximate: not quite exact or correct.

Exactitude: the quality of being exact.

Antithesis: exact opposite.

Compel: necessitate or exact.

Ratiocinative: based on exact thinking.

Letter-Perfect: correct to the last detail; especially being in or following the exact words.

Precise: sharply exact or accurate or delimited.

Disciplinarian: someone who demands exact conformity to rules and forms.

Hectograph: copy on a duplicator.

Counterpart: a duplicate copy.

Stop Watch: a timepiece that can be started or stopped for exact timing (as of a race).

Metronome: clicking pendulum indicates the exact tempo of a piece of music.

Hi-Fi: the reproduction of sound with little or no distortion.

Castrate: a man who has been castrated and is incapable of reproduction.

Agamogenesis: reproduction without the fusion of gametes.

Clone: an unauthorized copy or imitation.

Counterfeit: a copy that is represented as the original.

Duplicate: a copy that corresponds to an original exactly.

Reproduce: make a copy or equivalent of.

Prompt Copy: the copy of the playscript used by the prompter.

Replica: copy that is not the original; something that has been copied.

Reflex Camera: camera that allows the photographer to view and focus the exact scene being photographed.

Dictation: speech intended for reproduction in writing.

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