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Aviation   Meaning in Urdu

1. Aviation - Air Power : فضائیہ : (noun) the aggregation of a country`s military aircraft.

Accumulation, Aggregation, Assemblage, Collection - several things grouped together or considered as a whole.

2. Aviation - Airmanship : طیارہ اڑانے یا جہاز رانی کا فن - ہوا بازی : (noun) the art of operating aircraft.

Art, Artistry, Prowess - a superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation.

3. Aviation - Air - Air Travel : ہوائی سفر کرنا - ہوائی سفر : (noun) travel via aircraft.

Travel, Traveling, Travelling - the act of going from one place to another.

Related Words

Aeronaut - Airman - Aviator - Flier - Flyer : ہوا نورد : someone who operates an aircraft.

Airwoman - Aviatress - Aviatrix : ہوا باز خاتون : a woman aviator. "She is an aviatrix"

Aviation in Book Titles

Introduction to Aviation Management.
Aviation and Tourism: Implications for Leisure Travel.
Before Amelia: Women Pilots in the Early Days of Aviation.

Useful Words

Accumulation - Aggregation - Assemblage - Collection : مجموعہ : several things grouped together or considered as a whole.

Aircraft : ہوا میں پرواز کرنے والی سواری : a vehicle that can fly.

Art - Fine Art : انسانی تخلیق : the products of human creativity; works of art collectively. "A fine collection of art"

Country - Land - State : ملک : the territory occupied by a nation. "I had to leave the country"

Armed Forces - Armed Services - Military - Military Machine - War Machine : کسی قوم کی فوج : the military forces of a nation. "Their military is the largest in the region"

In Operation - Operating - Operational : متحرک : being in effect or operation. "De facto apartheid is still operational even in the `new` African nations"