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بعد میں آنے والا خیال : Baad Mein Aanay Wala Khayal Meaning in English


Baad Mein Aanay Wala Khayal in Detail

Useful Words

اضافہ کی جانے والی چیز : Afterthought , سابقہ وقت میں : Antecedently , عمدہ : Choice , جان بوجھ کر : Advisedly , سوچ بچار کی کیفیت : Thinking Cap , خیال : Cerebration , کثیر انتخابی : Multiple-Choice , اختیاری : Hobson's Choice , طرز گفتگو : Choice Of Words , مزیدار لقمہ : Choice Morsel , منطقی سوچ : Abstract Thought , خیالی پلاو : Wishful Thinking , تخلیقی صلاحیت : Creative Thinking , ذکی : Clear-Thinking , متحرک : About , دوبارہ : Again , بنایا ہوا : Made

Useful Words Definitions

Afterthought: an addition that was not included in the original plan.

Antecedently: at an earlier time or formerly.

Choice: of superior grade.

Advisedly: with intention; in an intentional manner.

Thinking Cap: a state in which one thinks.

Cerebration: the process of using your mind to consider something carefully.

Multiple-Choice: offering several alternative answers from which the correct one is to be chosen; or consisting of such questions.

Hobson's Choice: the choice of taking what is offered or nothing at all.

Choice Of Words: the manner in which something is expressed in words.

Choice Morsel: a small tasty bit of food.

Abstract Thought: thinking that is coherent and logical.

Wishful Thinking: the illusion that what you wish for is actually true.

Creative Thinking: the ability to create.

Clear-Thinking: not mentally confused; able to think clearly and act intelligently.

About: on the move.

Again: anew.

Made: produced by a manufacturing process.

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