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بعد : Baad Meaning in English

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Baad in Detail

1) نتیجہ برا نتیجہ بعد : Aftermath Backwash Wake : (noun) the consequences of an event (especially a catastrophic event).

Related : Upshot : a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon.

Useful Words

نتیجہ : Aftermath, Consequence : the outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual.

مصیبت : Trial, Tribulation, Visitation : an annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event. "His mother-in-law's visits were a great trial for him".

سلسلہ : Train : a series of consequences wrought by an event. "It led to a train of disasters".

کچھ برا ہوجانا : Claim, Exact, Take : take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs. "The accident claimed three lives".

تباہی : Demolition, Destruction, Wipeout : an event (or the result of an event) that completely destroys something.

امکان : Probability : the quality of being probable; a probable event or the most probable event. "For a while mutiny seemed a probability".

قتل کرنے کا فعل : Killing, Violent Death : an event that causes someone to die.

واقعہ : Happening, Natural Event, Occurrence, Occurrent : an event that happens.

واقعہ : Thing : an event. "A funny thing happened on the way to the".

پیدائش : Birth, Nascence, Nascency, Nativity : the event of being born. "They celebrated the birth of their first child".

شرمناک : Outrage, Scandal : a disgraceful event.

کبھی بھی : Always : at any time or in any event. "You can always resign if you don't like it".

ناگزیر : Inevitable : an unavoidable event. "Don`t argue with the inevitable".

دوبارہ ظاہر ہونے کا عمل : Reappearance : the event of something appearing again. "The reappearance of Halley's comet".

بعد از موت : Postmortem : after death or after an event. "A postmortem examination to determine the cause of death".

ختم ہونا : Halt, Stop : the event of something ending. "It came to a stop at the bottom of the hill".

افتتاح کرنے والا : Opener : the first event in a series. "She played Chopin for her opener".

تباہی : Ruin, Ruination : an event that results in destruction.

ہمراہ : Accompany, Attach To, Come With, Go With : be present or associated with an event or entity. "French fries come with the hamburger".

دعوت : Affair, Function, Occasion, Social Function, Social Occasion : a vaguely specified social event. "The party was quite an affair".

غلطی : Fault : responsibility for a bad situation or event. "It was John`s fault".

اچانک غیر متوقع چیز : Surprise : a sudden unexpected event.

ابھار : Elevation, Lift, Raising : the event of something being raised upward. "An elevation of the temperature in the afternoon".

موضوع : Issue, Matter, Subject, Topic : some situation or event that is thought about. "He kept drifting off the topic".

ممکنہ نتیجہ : Contingence, Contingency, Eventuality : a possible event or occurrence or result.

ادل بدل : Permutation, Replacement, Substitution, Switch, Transposition : an event in which one thing is substituted for another. "The replacement of lost blood by a transfusion of donor blood".

خوش کرنا : Cheerlead : act as a cheerleader in a sports event.

عامل : Catalyst : something that causes an important event to happen. "The invasion acted as a catalyst to unite the country".

چال : Pace, Tempo : the rate of some repeating event.

فرق : Discrepancy, Variance, Variant : an event that departs from expectations. "You faced bad time but try and understand fortune is variant".

خاتمہ : Conclusion, Ending, Finish : event whose occurrence ends something. "His death marked the ending of an era".

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