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Bacha Kacha : بچا کچہ

Uthana : Up : raise. "Up the ante"

Bistar Se Uthna : Up : out of bed. "Are they astir yet?"

Khatam : Up : used up. "Time is up"

Khulla : Up : open. "The windows are up"

Estamal Shuda : Used : previously used or owned by another. "Bought a secondhand (or used) car"

Tayyar : Up : (usually followed by `on' or `for') in readiness. "He was up on his homework"

Uper Ki Janib, Uper Ki Taraf : Up : extending or moving toward a higher place. "The up staircase"

Barhti : Up : getting higher or more vigorous. "Its an up market"

نامرد ہو تم