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Back End meaning in Urdu

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Back End Definitions

1) Back End, Backside, Rear : پچھلا حصہ, عقب, پچھواڑا : (noun) the side of an object that is opposite its front.

Useful Words

Saloon : ایک قسم کی بند موٹر جس کے دو یا چار دروازے ہوتے ہیں , Left : بائیں جانب , Semi : عقبی باربردار گاڑی , Approach Trench : خندق , Back : پیچھے , Rear : پچھلا , Backward : پچھلی طرف کا , Inchworm : پروانے کا بچہ , Anti-Sway Bar : گاڑی کے انجن کا سریا , Sideway : ایک طرف کو , Flyleaf : خالی ورق کتاب کے شروع اور آخر کا , Broadside : سامنے سے , Back : کتاب کی جلد , Shopfront : سڑک کی دکان , Edge : تیز دھار کنارا , Beach Waggon : بڑی ڈگی والی گاڑی , Frock Coat : مردانا کوٹ , Landau : ایک قسم کی بگی نما چار پہیوں والی گاڑی , Burnside : قلم , Nape : گدی , Hindquarter : جانور کے پچھلے حصے کا گوشت , Loin : جانور کی پسلی کے پاس کا گوشت کا ٹکڑا , Container : ڈبہ , Parallax : اختلاف منظر , Row House : ایک ہی قطار میں بنے ہوئے مکانات میں سے کوئی ایک , Blinder : چشم بند , Hobble : ٹانگیں باندھنا , Frontal : دو بدو , Do-Si-Do : ایک قسم کا رقص , Lumbosacral : سیکرم اور لمبر مہروں کے متعلق , Gyrostabiliser : توازن گر

Useful Words Definitions

Saloon: a car that is closed and that has front and rear seats and two or four doors.

Left: location near or direction toward the left side; i.e. the side to the north when a person or object faces east.

Semi: a trailer having wheels only in the rear; the front is supported by the towing vehicle.

Approach Trench: a trench that provides protected passage between the rear and front lines of a defensive position.

Back: at or to or toward the back or rear.

Rear: located in or toward the back or rear.

Backward: directed or facing toward the back or rear.

Inchworm: small hairless caterpillar having legs on only its front and rear segments; mostly larvae of moths of the family Geometridae.

Anti-Sway Bar: a rigid metal bar between the front suspensions and between the rear suspensions of cars and trucks; serves to stabilize the chassis.

Sideway: with one side forward or to the front.

Flyleaf: a blank leaf in the front or back of a book.

Broadside: with a side facing an object.

Back: the protective covering on the front, back, and spine of a book.

Shopfront: the front side of a store facing the street; usually contains display windows.

Edge: a sharp side formed by the intersection of two surfaces of an object.

Beach Waggon: a car that has a long body and rear door with space behind rear seat.

Frock Coat: a man`s coat having knee-length skirts front and back; worn in the 19th century.

Landau: a four-wheel covered carriage with a roof divided into two parts (front and back) that can be let down separately.

Burnside: facial hair that has grown down the side of a man`s face in front of the ears (especially when the rest of the beard is shaved off).

Nape: the back side of the neck.

Hindquarter: the back half of a side of meat.

Loin: a cut of meat taken from the side and back of an animal between the ribs and the rump.

Container: any object that can be used to hold things (especially a large metal boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from one form of transport to another).

Parallax: the apparent displacement of an object as seen from two different points that are not on a line with the object.

Row House: a house that is one of a row of identical houses situated side by side and sharing common walls.

Blinder: blind consisting of a leather eyepatch sewn to the side of the halter that prevents a horse from seeing something on either side.

Hobble: strap the foreleg and hind leg together on each side (of a horse) in order to keep the legs on the same side moving in unison.

Frontal: meeting front to front.

Do-Si-Do: a square-dance figure; two dancers approach each other and circle back to back before returning to their original places.

Lumbosacral: of or relating to or near the small of the back and the back part of the pelvis between the hips.

Gyrostabiliser: a stabilizer consisting of a heavy gyroscope that spins on a vertical axis; reduces side-to-side rolling of a ship or plane.

Related Words

Face : کونا , Rearward : عقبی

Close Words

Back : جسم کا پچھلا حصہ , Back And Forth : ادھر ادھر , Back Away : پیچھے ہٹنا , Back Brace : کمر پٹی , Back Breaker : نفسیاتی دوا , Back Burner : کم ترجیح , Back Country : اندرونی پسماندہ علاقہ , Back Door : خفیہ طریقے سے , Back Down : دستبردار ہونا , Back Exercise : پشت کی ورزش , Back Judge : فٹ بال اہلکار

Close Words Definitions

Back: the posterior part of a human (or animal) body from the neck to the end of the spine.

Back And Forth: moving from one place to another and back again.

Back Away: make a retreat from an earlier commitment or activity.

Back Brace: a brace worn to support the back.

Back Breaker: street name for lysergic acid diethylamide.

Back Burner: reduced priority.

Back Country: a remote and undeveloped area.

Back Door: a secret or underhand means of access (to a place or a position).

Back Down: move backwards from a certain position.

Back Exercise: exercise designed to strengthen the back muscles.

Back Judge: a football official.

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