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Back Pack meaning in Urdu

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Back Pack Definitions

1) Back Pack, Backpack, Haversack, Knapsack, Packsack, Rucksack : بستہ : (noun) a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder.

Useful Words

Backpacking Tent : ایک قسم کا خیمہ , Chock Up : ٹھونسنا , Burro : سامان لادنے والا گدھا , Bagger : سامان پیک کرنے والا , Playing Card : تاش کا پتا , Sam Browne Belt : شمشیر بند , Canis Aureus : گيدڑ , Oakum : پرانے رسوں کا سن , Satchel : بستہ , Bezique : تاش کا ایک کھیل , Hod : مزدور کا ٹوکرہ , Kit Bag : فوجی کا پشتی تھیلا , Crupper : دمچی , Backpack : بستہ لے کر چلنا کرنا , Backpacker : بستہ لے کر چلنے والا , Unstrap : تسمے ڈھیلے کرنا , Strop : استرے کو تیز کرنے والی پٹی , Do-Si-Do : ایک قسم کا رقص , Lumbosacral : سیکرم اور لمبر مہروں کے متعلق , Flagellation : کوڑوں کی سزا , Straphanger : سہارا لیے ھوئے کھڑا مسافر , Buckle : بکسوا , Latchet : جوتے کو پاوں میں کس دینے والی پٹی یا فیتہ , Alternate : اچھلنا کودنا , Sling : گوپیا , Mailbag : ڈاک کی بوری , Armpit : بغل , Bursitis : ایک قسم کی کندھے کی سوزش , Humerus : عضد , Shoulder Strap : کندھے کی پٹی , Acromial Process : کندھے کی ہڈی کا اوپری حصہ

Useful Words Definitions

Backpacking Tent: a tent that can be carried in a backpack.

Chock Up: crowd or pack to capacity.

Burro: small donkey used as a pack animal.

Bagger: a workman employed to pack things into containers.

Playing Card: one of a pack of cards that are used to play card games.

Sam Browne Belt: leather belt supported by a strap over the right shoulder.

Canis Aureus: Old World nocturnal canine mammal closely related to the dog; smaller than a wolf; sometimes hunts in a pack but usually singly or as a member of a pair.

Oakum: loose hemp or jute fiber obtained by unravelling old ropes; when impregnated with tar it was used to caulk seams and pack joints in wooden ships.

Satchel: luggage consisting of a small case with a flat bottom and (usually) a shoulder strap.

Bezique: a card game played with a pack of forty-eight cards (two of each suit for high cards); play resembles whist.

Hod: an open box attached to a long pole handle; bricks or mortar are carried on the shoulder.

Kit Bag: a knapsack (usually for a soldier).

Crupper: a strap from the back of a saddle passing under the horse's tail; prevents saddle from slipping forward.

Backpack: hike with a backpack.

Backpacker: a hiker who wears a backpack.

Unstrap: remove the strap or straps from.

Strop: a leather strap used to sharpen razors.

Do-Si-Do: a square-dance figure; two dancers approach each other and circle back to back before returning to their original places.

Lumbosacral: of or relating to or near the small of the back and the back part of the pelvis between the hips.

Flagellation: beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment.

Straphanger: a standing subway or bus passenger who grips a hanging strap for support.

Buckle: fastener that fastens together two ends of a belt or strap; often has loose prong.

Latchet: a leather strap or thong used to attach a sandal or shoe to the foot.

Alternate: go back and forth; swing back and forth between two states or conditions.

Sling: a simple weapon consisting of a looped strap in which a projectile is whirled and then released.

Mailbag: letter carrier's shoulder bag.

Armpit: the hollow under the arm where it is joined to the shoulder.

Bursitis: inflammation of a bursa; frequently in the shoulder.

Humerus: bone extending from the shoulder to the elbow.

Shoulder Strap: a band that goes over the shoulder and supports a garment or bag.

Acromial Process: the outermost point of the spine of the shoulder blade.

Related Words

Bag : تھیلا

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