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Bad Luck meaning in Urdu

Bad Luck Sentence

If I didn`t have bad luck I wouldn`t have any luck at all.

Bad Luck Synonyms


Bad Luck Definitions

1 of 3) Bad Luck, Ill Luck, Misfortune, Tough Luck : بد قسمتی : (noun) an unfortunate state resulting from unfavorable outcomes.

2 of 3) Bad Luck, Mischance, Mishap : آفت, بدقسمتی, مصیبت : (noun) an unpredictable outcome that is unfortunate.

3 of 3) Bad Luck, Misfortune : زوال, بد قسمتی : (noun) unnecessary and unforeseen trouble resulting from an unfortunate event.

Bad Luck in Idioms

A Run Of Bad Luck : A time of continuous misfortune.

Useful Words

Alas : ہائے افسوس , Hit The Jackpot : قسمت سے کامیاب ہونا , Fluke : اتفاقی طور پر کوئی کام درست ہونا , Hoodoo : منہوس , Jinx : منحوس , Favorable : اچھا , Apotropaic : آفات سے بچانے والا , Auspicious : ساز گار , Adult Tooth : پختہ دانت , Good Fortune : خوش قسمتی , Calamity : سانحہ , Ill Fame : بدنامی , Miserableness : بد نصیبی , Adversity : مصیبت , Catastrophe : بربادی , Dilemma : تذبذب , Dazed : حواس باختہ , Obloquy : ملامت آمیز , Violence : تشدد , Decay : خرابی , Odium : کراہت , Anarchy : انتشار , Infection : لگنے والا مرض , Famishment : فاقہ , Disorient : ہوش و حواس کھونا , Hostile : مخالف , Hardy : سخت موسم برداشت کرنے کے قابل , Unsuccessful : ناکامیاب , Misadventure : بد قسمتی , Luckless : بدقسمت , Comforter : دلاسا دینے والا

Useful Words Definitions

Alas: by bad luck.

Hit The Jackpot: succeed by luck.

Fluke: a stroke of luck.

Hoodoo: something believed to bring bad luck.

Jinx: a person believed to bring bad luck to those around him.

Favorable: presaging or likely to bring good luck.

Apotropaic: having the power to prevent evil or bad luck.

Auspicious: auguring favorable circumstances and good luck.

Adult Tooth: any of the 32 teeth that replace the deciduous teeth of early childhood and (with luck) can last until old age.

Good Fortune: an auspicious state resulting from favorable outcomes.

Calamity: an event resulting in great loss and misfortune.

Ill Fame: the state of being known for some unfavorable act or quality.

Miserableness: a state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortune.

Adversity: a state of misfortune or affliction.

Catastrophe: a state of extreme (usually irremediable) ruin and misfortune.

Dilemma: state of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options.

Dazed: in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock.

Obloquy: state of disgrace resulting from public abuse.

Violence: a turbulent state resulting in injuries and destruction etc..

Decay: an inferior state resulting from the process of decaying.

Odium: state of disgrace resulting from detestable behavior.

Anarchy: a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government).

Infection: the pathological state resulting from the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms.

Famishment: a state of extreme hunger resulting from lack of essential nutrients over a prolonged period.

Disorient: cause confusion, loss of direction, or a lack of awareness of one`s surroundings, often resulting in a state of mental or spatial uncertainty.

Hostile: very unfavorable to life or growth.

Hardy: able to survive under unfavorable weather conditions.

Unsuccessful: not successful; having failed or having an unfavorable outcome.

Misadventure: an instance of misfortune.

Luckless: having or bringing misfortune.

Comforter: commiserates with someone who has had misfortune.

Related Words

Trouble : اذیت , Pity : بد قسمتی , Adversity : بد بختی , Hardship : مشکلات , Knock : برا تجربہ , Chance : قسمت , Circumstances : نصیب , Weakness : مالی کمزوری

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