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بدلہ لینا : Badla Lena Meaning in English

Badla Lena Sentences


Badla Lena in Detail

1 of 2) بدلہ لینا : Get Back Get Even : (verb) take revenge or even out a score.

2 of 2) بدلہ لینا انتقام لینا : Avenge Retaliate Revenge : (verb) take revenge for a perceived wrong.

Useful Words

انتقامی : Revengeful , بدلہ : Payback , شب سوار؛ شب گرد؛ رات کو تشدد کی وارداتیں کرنے والا؛ : Night Rider , پہلے باری میں اسکور کرنا : Ace , زخمی کرنا : Scotch , برابر کرنا : Equalise , اسکور کرنے والا : Scorer , نمبر لکھنے والا : Scorekeeper , پیچھے : Behind , مقابلے میں آگے : Ahead , کشمکش : Draw , کھیل کے میدان میں ایک بڑا نمائشی نمبر تختہ : Scoreboard , اسکور کیے بغیر ہارنا : Whitewash , تلواروں کا کھیل : Fencing , کھیل کا آغاز : Kickoff , کرکٹ : Cricket , بیس بال کی کریز : Home , بیس بال : Baseball , شام : Eve , دور : Out , بدلہ : Retaliation , اسکور کرنا : Hit , لے جانا : Conduct , غلط : Incorrect

Useful Words Definitions

Revengeful: disposed to seek revenge or intended for revenge.

Payback: the act of taking revenge (harming someone in retaliation for something harmful that they have done) especially in the next life.

Night Rider: member of a secret mounted band in United States South after the American Civil War; committed acts of intimidation and revenge.

Ace: score an ace against.

Scotch: make a small cut or score into.

Equalise: compensate; make the score equal.

Scorer: a player who makes a score in a game or contest.

Scorekeeper: an official who records the score during the progress of a game.

Behind: having the lower score or lagging position in a contest.

Ahead: having the leading position or higher score in a contest.

Draw: the finish of a contest in which the score is tied and the winner is undecided.

Scoreboard: a large board for displaying the score of a contest (and some other information).

Whitewash: a defeat in which the losing person or team fails to score.

Fencing: the art or sport of fighting with swords (especially the use of foils or epees or sabres to score points under a set of rules).

Kickoff: (football) a kick from the center of the field to start a football game or to resume it after a score.

Cricket: a game played with a ball and bat by two teams of 11 players; teams take turns trying to score runs.

Home: (baseball) base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands; it must be touched by a base runner in order to score.

Baseball: a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players; teams take turns at bat trying to score runs.

Eve: the latter part of the day (the period of decreasing daylight from late afternoon until nightfall).

Out: away from home.

Retaliation: action taken in return for an injury or offense.

Hit: gain points in a game.

Conduct: take somebody somewhere.

Incorrect: not correct; not in conformity with fact or truth.

Related Words

کسی پر سزا عائد کرنا : Penalise

Close Words

انتقام لینے والا : Avenger , جزا : Requital , صلہ دینا : Payoff , بدلا : Changed

Close Words Definitions

Avenger: someone who takes vengeance.

Requital: a justly deserved penalty.

Payoff: a recompense for worthy acts or retribution for wrongdoing.

Changed: made or become different in some respect.

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