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Badly meaning in Urdu

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Badly Definitions

1 of 7) Badly, Gravely, Seriously, Severely : سخت, بری طرح : (adverb) to a severe or serious degree.

Fingers so badly frozen they had to be amputated.
Badly injured.

2 of 7) Badly, Ill, Poorly : برے طریقے سے : (adverb) (`ill' is often used as a combining form) in a poor or improper or unsatisfactory manner; not well.

The car runs badly.
He performed badly on the exam.

3 of 7) Badly : غیر مہذب طریقے سے : (adverb) evilly or wickedly.

Treated his parents badly.
To steal is to act badly.

4 of 7) Badly, Mischievously, Naughtily : سرکشی سے, شرارت سے : (adverb) in a disobedient or naughty way.

He behaved badly in school.

5 of 7) Badly, Bad : بری طرح, شدت سے : (adverb) with great intensity (`bad' is a nonstandard variant for `badly').

The injury hurt badly.
The buildings were badly shaken.

6 of 7) Badly : بھدی طریقے سے : (adverb) without skill or in a displeasing manner.

She writes badly.
I think he paints very badly.

7 of 7) Badly, Disadvantageously : برے طریقے سے : (adverb) in a disadvantageous way; to someone's disadvantage.

The venture turned out badly for the investors.

Useful Words

Abuse : بد سلوکی کرنا , Ill-Timed : بے موقع , Naughty : شرارتی , Misbehave : بد تمیزی کرنا , Misgovern : بد انتظام کرنا , Disservice : نقصان دہ خدمت , Misconduct : بری طرح انجام دینا , Balls-Up : خراب , Mangle : پٹ کر بری طرح زخمی ہونا , Reek : بدبو آنا , Kick Around : بد سلوکی کرنا , Mistreatment : بد سلوکی , Misspend : وقت ضائع کرنا , Burned : جلا ہوا , Act Up : برا کام کرنا , Deformed : بدنما , Miscreate : نامناسب صورت , Crock : رنگ چھوڑنے والا کپڑا , Misapply : ناجائز طور پر استعمال کرنا , Castigate : سرزش کرنا , Fulminate : شدید تنقید کرنا , Austere : سادہ , Cataclysmal : تباہ کن , Cut Up : ٹکڑے ٹکڑے کرنا , Bawl Out : ڈانٹنا , Flog : ڈنڈے سے مارنا , Mar : تباہ کرنا , Scourge : سزا دینا , Crackdown : یلغار , Ultimacy : آخریت , Opacity : دھندلا پن

Useful Words Definitions

Abuse: treat badly.

Ill-Timed: badly timed.

Naughty: badly behaved.

Misbehave: behave badly.

Misgovern: govern badly.

Disservice: an act intended to help that turns out badly.

Misconduct: manage badly or incompetently.

Balls-Up: something badly botched or muddled.

Mangle: injure badly by beating.

Reek: smell badly and offensively.

Kick Around: treat badly; abuse.

Mistreatment: the practice of treating (someone or something) badly.

Misspend: spend time badly or unwisely.

Burned: destroyed or badly damaged by fire.

Act Up: misbehave badly; act in a silly or improper way.

Deformed: so badly formed or out of shape as to be ugly.

Miscreate: shape or form or make badly.

Crock: release color when rubbed, of badly dyed fabric.

Misapply: apply to a wrong thing or person; apply badly or incorrectly.

Castigate: censure severely.

Fulminate: criticize severely.

Austere: severely simple.

Cataclysmal: severely destructive.

Cut Up: destroy or injure severely.

Bawl Out: censure severely or angrily.

Flog: beat severely with a whip or rod.

Mar: destroy or injure severely.

Scourge: punish severely; excoriate.

Crackdown: severely repressive actions.

Ultimacy: the state or degree of being ultimate; the final or most extreme in degree or size or time or distance,.

Opacity: the quality of being opaque to a degree; the degree to which something reduces the passage of light.