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Badtameezi Se : بَدتمیزی سے

1. Uncivilly : گستاخی سے - بدتمیزی سے : (adverb) in an uncivil manner.

2. Airily, Flippantly : ہلکے پھلکے انداز میں - بدتمیزی سے : (adverb) in a flippant manner.

Dhang, Tameez : Manner : a way of acting or behaving. "They don`t have manners to speak ?"

Tor Tariqa : Manner : how something is done or how it happens. "Mend your ways"

Qisim : Manner : a kind. "What manner of man are you ?"

Ganwaar, Akhar, Ghair Mohazzib, Akhar Mzaji : Uncivil : lacking civility or good manners. "Want nothing from you but to get away from your uncivil tongue"

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