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1 of 2) Caprine Animal : بکرا Bakra : (noun) any of numerous agile ruminants related to sheep but having a beard and straight horns.

English Synonym(s) : Goat

Urdu Synonym(s) : بکری Bakri

Related : Horn He-Goat She-Goat


2 of 2) Billy : بکرا Bakra : (noun) male goat.

Nice billy goat.
He has a cute billy goat.

English Synonym(s) : Billy Goat He-Goat

Related : Goat

Useful Words

Sing : Horn : one of the bony outgrowths on the heads of certain ungulates. "Horns of bull"

Jugali Karnay W... : Ruminant : any of various cud-chewing hoofed mammals having a stomach divided into four (occasionally three) compartments.

Bheer : Sheep : woolly usually horned ruminant mammal related to the goat.

Haran : Horn : a device on an automobile for making a warning noise.

Baja Aala Mosiqi Turam Bigal : Horn : a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone; has a narrow tube and a flared bell and is played by means of valves. "Yes you are a handsome guy but you should not blow your own trumpet"

Darhi : Beard : the hair growing on the lower part of a man`s face. "Fazal had a beard in Pakistan but he went to London and where he got a job, they put condition that if you cut your beard you will get a job then he cut his beard for a job"

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