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Balloon meaning in Urdu

Balloon Sentence

The sails ballooned.

Balloon Synonyms


Balloon Definitions

1 of 3) Balloon : ہوا یا گیس سے بھرا ہوا غبارہ : (noun) large tough nonrigid bag filled with gas or heated air.

2 of 3) Balloon : غبارہ : (noun) small thin inflatable rubber bag with narrow neck.

3 of 3) Balloon, Billow, Inflate : ہوا بھر جانا : (verb) become inflated.

Useful Words

Hot-Air Balloon : اڑنے والا غبارہ , Balloonist : غبارے میں اڑنے والا , Ballooning : غبارے میں اڑنا , Balloon Bomb : غبارے والا بم , Pilot Balloon : ہوا میں کرنٹ کا پتہ لگانے والا موسمی غبارہ , Hot Tub : گرم پانی کا ٹب , Pomegranate : انار , Sea Horse : فرس البحر , Mattress : کپڑے کا غالاف , Cavernous : بہت زیادہ حساس بافت جو اوپر کو اٹھ سکے اور ہیجانی حالت میں تن جائے , Cocoanut : ناریل , Bomber : بڑا سینڈوچ , Unheated : گرم نہ کیا ہوا , Heatedly : غصے سے , Hot Air : گرم ہوا , Cold Cereal : خشک اناج , Air : ہوا لگانا , Flux : مائع بنانا , Candent : روشن و تاباں , Iron : استری کرنا , Attic Fan : ایک پنکھا , Decrepitation : چٹخ کر ٹوٹنا , Toughly : مضبوطی سے , Toughen : سخت ہونا , Crossfire : خیالات کا گرماگرم تبادلہ , Heated : گرم , Roux : چٹنی کو گاڑھا کرنے کے لیے آٹے اور چکنائی کا پتلا سا مرکب , Strife : جھگڑا , Hard-Bitten : لڑاکو , Hot-Water Heater : گرم پانی کی ٹنکی , Intumescence : پھیلاوٴ کا عمل

Useful Words Definitions

Hot-Air Balloon: balloon for travel through the air in a basket suspended below a large bag of heated air.

Balloonist: someone who flies a balloon.

Ballooning: flying in a balloon.

Balloon Bomb: a bomb carried by a balloon.

Pilot Balloon: meteorological balloon used to observe air currents.

Hot Tub: a very large tub (large enough for more than one bather) filled with hot water.

Pomegranate: large globular fruit having many seeds with juicy red pulp in a tough brownish-red rind.

Sea Horse: either of two large northern marine mammals having ivory tusks and tough hide over thick blubber.

Mattress: a large thick pad filled with resilient material and often incorporating coiled springs, used as a bed or part of a bed.

Cavernous: filled with vascular sinuses and capable of becoming distended and rigid as the result of being filled with blood.

Cocoanut: large hard-shelled oval nut with a fibrous husk containing thick white meat surrounding a central cavity filled (when fresh) with fluid or milk.

Bomber: a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments); different names are used in different sections of the United States.

Unheated: not having been heated or warmed.

Heatedly: in a heated manner.

Hot Air: air that has been heated and tends to rise.

Cold Cereal: a cereal that is not heated before serving.

Air: expose to warm or heated air, so as to dry.

Flux: become liquid or fluid when heated.

Candent: emitting light as a result of being heated.

Iron: press and smooth with a heated iron.

Attic Fan: a fan that blows heated air out of the attic of a building.

Decrepitation: the crackling or breaking up of certain crystals when they are heated.

Toughly: in a ruggedly tough manner.

Toughen: make tough or tougher.

Crossfire: a lively or heated interchange of ideas and opinions.

Heated: made warm or hot (`het` is a dialectal variant of `heated`).

Roux: a mixture of fat and flour heated and used as a basis for sauces.

Strife: bitter conflict; heated often violent dissension.

Hard-Bitten: tough and callous by virtue of experience.

Hot-Water Heater: a heater and storage tank to supply heated water.

Intumescence: the increase in volume of certain substances when they are heated (often accompanied by release of water).

Related Words

Plaything : کھلونا , Expand : پھیلانا

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