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Balloonist meaning in Urdu

Balloonist Definitions

1) Balloonist : غبارے میں اڑنے والا : (noun) someone who flies a balloon.


Useful Words

Gnat : چھوٹی کاٹنے والی مکھی , Ballooning : غبارے میں اڑنا , Balloon Bomb : غبارے والا بم , Pilot Balloon : ہوا میں کرنٹ کا پتہ لگانے والا موسمی غبارہ , Hot-Air Balloon : اڑنے والا غبارہ , Drosophilidae : پھلوں کی مکھی , Gadfly : ایک بڑی مکھی , Flyblown : جس میں کیڑے پڑ گئے ہوں , Family Hippoboscidae : خون چوسنے والی مکھی , Petrel : لمبی چونچ والی چڑیا , Balloon : ہوا یا گیس سے بھرا ہوا غبارہ , Fell : گزرنا , Individual : شخص

Useful Words Definitions

Gnat: any of various small biting flies: midges; biting midges; black flies; sand flies.

Ballooning: flying in a balloon.

Balloon Bomb: a bomb carried by a balloon.

Pilot Balloon: meteorological balloon used to observe air currents.

Hot-Air Balloon: balloon for travel through the air in a basket suspended below a large bag of heated air.

Drosophilidae: fruit flies.

Gadfly: any of various large flies that annoy livestock.

Flyblown: spoiled and covered with eggs and larvae of flies.

Family Hippoboscidae: winged or wingless dipterans: louse flies.

Petrel: relatively small long-winged tube-nosed bird that flies far from land.

Balloon: large tough nonrigid bag filled with gas or heated air.

Fell: pass away rapidly.

Individual: a human being.

Related Words

Skilled Worker : ماہر کاریگر

Balloonist in Book Titles

Brock the Balloonist.
The Balloonist: A Novel.

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