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بندر : Bandar Meaning in English

Bandar in Detail

1 of 3) بندر : Simian : (noun) an ape or monkey.


2 of 3) بندر : Monkey : (noun) any of various long-tailed primates (excluding the prosimians).

3 of 3) لنگور بندر : Primate : (noun) any placental mammal of the order Primates; has good eyesight and flexible hands and feet.

Useful Words

کوئی : Any : to any degree or extent. "It isn`t any great thing".

نقل کرنا : Ape : imitate uncritically and in every aspect. "Her little brother apes her behavior".

تڑپنا : Hanker : desire strongly or persistently. "He was longing to see you".

شرارتی : Imp : one who is playfully mischievous. "Scamp child".

اونچے درجے کا پادری : Archpriest : a senior clergyman and dignitary. "An archpriest is a head of number of priests".

دم دار : Tailed : having a tail of a specified kind; often used in combination.

دور کے رشتہ دار