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Barber's Itch meaning in Urdu

Barber's Itch Synonyms

Barber's Itch Definitions

1) Barber's Itch, Barber's Itch, Tinea Barbae : ایک قسم کی بیماری : (noun) fungal infection of the face and neck.


Useful Words

Itch : خارش , Acariasis : جووں سے پیدا ہونے والی ایک جلدی بیماری , Scratcher : کھرونچا لگانے والا , Genus Sarcoptes : سکیبیز پیدا کرنے والا اچمائیٹ , Itchy : کھجلی ہونا , Eczema Marginatum : ران کی ایک بیماری , Hijab : حجاب , Sporotrichosis : سماروغ سے زخم کی انفیکشن , Tinea Capitis : جلد کا مرض , Face Moisturizer : چہرا نم کرنے والا , Meningitis : ورم پردۂ دماغ , Cervical Pillow : گردن تکیہ , Lockjaw : تشنج , Infectious : متعدی , Countenance : چہرہ , Dermatomyositis : مختلف وجوہات کی بنا پر جلد اور پٹہوں کی شدید ترین سوزش , Confrontation : ٹکراو , Canker : پت روگ , Zymotic : تخمیری , Actinomycotic : جلد کی بیماری سے متعلق , Immune : جسے کوئی بیماری نہ لگ سکے , Sore : جلدی زخم , Eye Infection : انجنی , Catching : وبائی , Viral Infection : وبائی بیماری , Cervical : گردنی , Crane : گردن اٹھا کر دیکھنا , Choke : گلا دبانا , Collar : پٹہ , Scrag : دبلی پتلی گردن , Necklike : گردن کے جیسا

Useful Words Definitions

Itch: a contagious skin infection caused by the itch mite; characterized by persistent itching and skin irritation.

Acariasis: infestation with itch mites.

Scratcher: a person who scratches to relieve an itch.

Genus Sarcoptes: type genus of the family Sarcoptidae: itch mites.

Itchy: causing an irritating cutaneous sensation; being affect with an itch.

Eczema Marginatum: fungal infection of the groin (most common in men).

Hijab: a headscarf worn by Muslim women; conceals the hair and neck and usually has a face veil that covers the face.

Sporotrichosis: a chronic fungal infection of the skin and lymph nodes.

Tinea Capitis: fungal infection of the scalp characterized by bald patches.

Face Moisturizer: a cream or lotion which is used to moisture to the skin face and neck..

Meningitis: infectious disease characterized by inflammation of the meninges (the tissues that surround the brain or spinal cord) usually caused by a bacterial infection; symptoms include headache and stiff neck and fever and nausea.

Cervical Pillow: a pillow specially designed for neck adjustment or neck pain.

Lockjaw: an acute and serious infection of the central nervous system caused by bacterial infection of open wounds; spasms of the jaw and laryngeal muscles may occur during the late stages.

Infectious: caused by infection or capable of causing infection.

Countenance: the human face (`kisser` and `smiler` and `mug` are informal terms for `face` and `phiz` is British).

Dermatomyositis: myositis characterized by weakness of limb and neck muscles and much muscle pain and swelling accompanied by skin rash affecting cheeks and eyelids and neck and chest and limbs; progression and severity vary among individuals.

Confrontation: a hostile disagreement face-to-face.

Canker: a fungal disease of woody plants that causes localized damage to the bark.

Zymotic: relating to or caused by infection.

Actinomycotic: of or related to actinomycosis infection.

Immune: a person who is immune to a particular infection.

Sore: an open skin infection.

Eye Infection: an infection of the sebaceous gland of the eyelid.

Catching: (of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection.

Viral Infection: infection by a virus that is pathogenic to humans.

Cervical: relating to or associated with the neck.

Crane: stretch (the neck) so as to see better.

Choke: wring the neck of.

Collar: anything worn or placed about the neck.

Scrag: lean end of the neck.

Necklike: resembling a neck.

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