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برِّاعظم یورپ : Bareazam Europe Meaning in English

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1) براعظم یورپ : Europe : (noun) the 2nd smallest continent (actually a vast peninsula of Eurasia); the British use `Europe` to refer to all of the continent except the British Isles.

Related : Megalithic Structure : memorial consisting of a very large stone forming part of a prehistoric structure (especially in western Europe). Holy Roman Empire : a political entity in Europe that began with the papal coronation of Otto I as the first emperor in 962 and lasted until 1806 when it was dissolved by Napoleon. Mercantilism : an economic system (Europe in 18th century) to increase a nation's wealth by government regulation of all of the nation's commercial interests.

Useful Words

نیٹو کا مرکزی دفتر : Ace, Allied Command Europe : a major strategic headquarters of NATO; safeguards an area extending from Norway to Turkey.

یورپی اتحاد : Common Market, Ec, Eec, Eu, Europe, European Community, European Economic Community, European Union : an international organization of European countries formed after World War II to reduce trade barriers and increase cooperation among its members. "Britain`s exit from European Union has far-reaching consequences".

یورپ میں نیٹو اور اے سی ای کا اعلی فوجی افسر : Saceur, Supreme Allied Commander Europe : commanding officer of ACE; NATO`s senior military commander in Europe.

جنگ عظیم دوم کی فتح کا دن : 8 May 1945, V-E Day : the date of Allied victory in Europe, World War II.

عمارتی لکڑی کا درخت : Abies Alba, Christmas Tree, European Silver Fir : tall timber tree of central and southern Europe having a regular crown and grey bark.

چائنا جوٹ جڑی بوٹی : Abutilon Theophrasti, Butter-Print, China Jute, Indian Mallow, Velvet-Leaf, Velvetleaf, Velvetweed : tall annual herb or subshrub of tropical Asia having velvety leaves and yellow flowers and yielding a strong fiber; naturalized in southeastern Europe and United States.

سفید پھولوں والا یورپی پودا : Achillea : any of several plants of the genus Achillea native to Europe and having small white flowers in flat-topped flower heads.

ایک زہریلا پودا : Aconitum Napellus, Helmet Flower, Helmetflower, Monkshood : a poisonous herb native to northern Europe having hooded blue-purple flowers; the dried leaves and roots yield aconite. "Aconitum napellus used in medicine".

ایک ناپید مخلوق : Adapid, Adapid Group : extinct small mostly diurnal lower primates that fed on leaves and fruit; abundant in North America and Europe 30 to 50 million years ago; their descendents probably include the lemurs; some authorities consider them ancestral to anthropoids but others consider them only cousins.

مار زبان ایک جنگلی پودا : Adder's Fern, Common Polypody, Golden Maidenhair, Golden Polypody, Polypodium Vulgare, Sweet Fern, Wall Fern : mat-forming lithophytic or terrestrial fern with creeping rootstocks and large pinnatifid fronds found throughout North America and Europe and Africa and east Asia.

برگد : Aesculus, Genus Aesculus : deciduous trees or some shrubs of North America; southeastern Europe; eastern Asia.

افریقہ : Africa : the 2nd biggest continent; located to the south of Europe and bordered to the west by the South Atlantic and to the east by the Indian Ocean.

روشن خیالی : Age Of Reason, Enlightenment : a movement in Europe from about 1650 until 1800 that advocated the use of reason and individualism instead of tradition and established doctrine. "The Enlightenment brought about many humanitarian reforms".

ایک قسم کا بڑا بارہ سنگا : Alces Alces, Elk, European Elk, Moose : large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male; called `elk` in Europe and `moose` in North America.

پہاڑی سلسلہ : Alps, The Alps : a large mountain system in south-central Europe; scenic beauty and winter sports make them a popular tourist attraction.

اسپین کا ماہر تعمیرات : Antonio Gaudi, Antonio Gaudi I Cornet, Gaudi, Gaudi I Cornet : Spanish architect who was a leading exponent of art nouveau in Europe (1852-1926).

جنوبی یورپ کا ایک سدا بہار درخت جس پر نارنجی ماٴئل سرخ بیر لگتے ہیں : Arbutus Unedo, Irish Strawberry, Strawberry Tree : small evergreen European shrubby tree bearing many-seeded scarlet berries that are edible but bland; of Ireland, southern Europe, Asia Minor.

جنگلی بردوک پودا : Arctium Minus, Common Burdock, Lesser Burdock : a plant that is ubiquitous in all but very acid soil; found in most of Europe and North Africa.

برتوارٹ پودا جس کے پھول مڑے ہوتے ہیں : Aristolochia Clematitis, Birthwort : creeping plant having curving flowers thought to resemble fetuses; native to Europe; naturalized Great Britain and eastern North America.

براعظم ایشیا : Asia : the largest continent with 60% of the earth's population; it is joined to Europe on the west to form Eurasia; it is the site of some of the world's earliest civilizations.

ضیافت میکائیل کے دنوں میں کھلنے والے تارا پھولوں کی کوئی بھی قسم : Aster Novi-Belgii, Michaelmas Daisy, New York Aster : North American perennial herb having small autumn-blooming purple or pink or white flowers; widely naturalized in Europe.

آسٹریا ایک ملک : Austria, Oesterreich, Republic Of Austria : a mountainous republic in central Europe; under the Habsburgs (1278-1918) Austria maintained control of the Holy Roman Empire and was a leader in European politics until the 19th century.

بالٹک : Baltic, Baltic Sea : a sea in northern Europe; stronghold of the Russian navy. "Missile deployment in baltic".

پپیہا پرندہ : Barn Swallow, Chimney Swallow, Hirundo Rustica : common swallow of North America and Europe that nests in barns etc..

یورپ میں سترہویں صدی کا طرز تعمیر : Baroque, Baroque Era, Baroque Period : the historic period from about 1600 until 1750 when the baroque style of art, architecture, and music flourished in Europe. "Baroque clothing and art".

ایک قسم کا سدا بہار پودینہ یا درخت : Bee Balm, Beebalm, Garden Balm, Lemon Balm, Melissa Officinalis, Sweet Balm : bushy perennial Old World mint having small white or yellowish flowers and fragrant lemon-flavored leaves; a garden escapee in northern Europe and North America.

بیلجیم : Belgique, Belgium, Kingdom Of Belgium : a monarchy in northwestern Europe; headquarters for the European Union and for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

کالے آلوچے کا درخت : Black Elder, Bourtree, Common Elder, Elderberry, European Elder, Sambucus Nigra : a common shrub with black fruit or a small tree of Europe and Asia; fruit used for wines and jellies.

ایک پودا : Black Knapweed, Centaurea Nigra, Hardheads, Lesser Knapweed : a weedy perennial with tough wiry stems and purple flowers; native to Europe but widely naturalized.

یورپی چھوٹا سارس : Black-Winged Stilt, Himantopus Himantopus : stilt of Europe and Africa and Asia having mostly white plumage but with black wings.

یورپ امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا پودا : Bog Myrtle, Bogbean, Buckbean, Marsh Trefoil, Menyanthes Trifoliata, Water Shamrock : perennial plant of Europe and America having racemes of white or purplish flowers and intensely bitter trifoliate leaves; often rooting at water margin and spreading across the surface.

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